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Here you’ll learn about me, about what I write and why I write.

Since childhood I have had a passion for writing, for expressing my fantasies, thoughts and ideas. As an adult I realised another passion of equal intensity: that of finding out who I am, in the deepest spiritual sense. Now I combine the two, using story as a journey to greater understanding. Visionary fiction is my playground.

Exploring my spiritual evolution for over twenty five years, I have read, studied yoga, health, and martial arts, tested theories, and meditated daily. My spiritual evolution, my deep understandings, and my connection to something far greater than myself has come as a result of that dedicated search.

On the Life Guidance page I would like to share with you some of my understandings, and I hope that they may be of benefit to you. My blog is more of a personal play ground, a sort of running from the swings to the see-saw, to the round-about, and back to the swings.

Warmest Regards,