Soul & the Art of Writing

Soul & the Art of Writing. Where they meet and where they dance.

Soul & the Art of Writing was born as I cycled over the Port Hills at sunrise. As I cycled, the understanding of this work and the beauty of it began to grow, and another passion was born!

The Art of Writing to gain clarity, understanding, and access the deep wisdom of Self.

This passion also took my work into a new area: Public Speaking.

Standing up and speaking about Soul & the Art of Writing, is a joy! And since I have a rather unique sense of humour and am completely ‘present’, heart-centred, and authentic with my audience, the communication happens on many levels. In the act of speaking from my heart-centre and my Soul further insights and understandings are shared with me and conveyed through me to the audience.

Soul & the Art of Writing is a technique to gain clarity and understanding in life, and to learn how to begin accessing the intrinsic potential and wisdom within. Interacting with an audience, I share stories of my own journey.

The reason I am so passionate about this work is because I know, through my own experience how it works, and how it has helped me, and therefor how it can help other people. I want to share this technique, because it is a tool we can all use.

We all know how to write. We all have questions. I put the two together so that we can find our answers.

The added beauty of this technique is the opening of deeper communication with your Self, allowing a deeper connection to life. I use this technique every time I find myself going round and round an issue and cannot seem to shut my mind up. I sit, I use this technique, I write, and I find the answers, the clarity, the insight, and then I am at peace again.

There can be times in life when you have so many people ‘talking at you’ telling you what to do, that you have no idea what is right for you. This technique will help you to find your answers and guidance. We are here to live our life, not the life everyone else wants us to live. I have found an incredible freedom in living my life, my way, authentically with passion, love, laughter and joy! It is my wish to help people find the freedom to do that for themselves.

My first public speaking engagement on Soul & the Art of Writing was so successful that it immediately resulted in two guest speaker invitations, and a request for workshops. And I have to admit, I walked away from that first talk with a huge smile on my face, after many hugs with the audience, and so much expressed gratitude, knowing I totally rocked that talk!