My passion to write was my life-guidance.

My passion for spiritual expansion was my soul nudging me in the right direction. Visionary fiction gave me an avenue to combine the two.

Fiction is all about a good story, and visionary fiction is no different. As a writer, when I sit down to write, I hold nothing back, I pour all that I am onto the page, and so all that is written contains all of me. The result is a work that contains deep wisdom, shared in many layers, activating the reader in many ways. A guidebook for the advanced spiritual traveller.

The key principles of my work are:

  • Self-discovery, through story.
  • Self-expansion, through journey.
  • Transformation, through experience.

Through this, I am able to take you on a journey deep into yourself… yes, through fiction!

Self discovery through story, because as we read we learn about ourself, we have reactions, ‘aha’ moments, we have so many responses to what we are reading. And this is particularly powerful in visionary fiction, and more powerful still when it is written with the intent to not just entertain, but to awaken and ignite!

Self expansion through journey. Not only do I take you on a journey that you could never imagine taking, but I also expose you to many things you have never been exposed to before, to wisdom and understanding, deeper than any visionary fiction you have read before. Self-expansion is the inevitable result. If you came back to read my work again six months later or a year later, you would expand yet again, because you would be ready to understand at a deeper level. My work contains many layers, many activations, and as you progress through one level, you will find more.

Transformation through experience. As you read, you journey, you witness, and you experience. You are right there, with the characters, and with the author too, and yes, there will be transformation. How can there not? We are all transformed through our experiences.

I write in order to journey. I also write because someone has to write the books we need to read. Someone has to bring forth much deeper spiritual wisdom, and put it into a format that we can access, and understand. And so that is what I do.

I ‘open’, and I write, allowing the Universe to speak through me, to tell the stories that are wanting to be told, to reveal the wisdom that is ready to come forth, to create an energy that will support, inspire and ignite!

Each novel is a journey that I, and the reader, take together. Even in the editing process, where I tweak for clarity and flow, I am surprised at what I have written. I learn and grow through the act of writing and the act of re-reading.

For an author to be truly touched by their own work each and every time they read it… that is the mark of a good book. And I am touched by Chalice every time I read it. The novel is not just a novel, it is more, so much more.

Yes, I have another novel in progress, and already yet another novel is pulling at the edges of my awareness. Stories wanting to be told…