Self Awareness Teacher

What is the Self?

The Self is that which is aware. The Self is not the body, mind, ego, and emotions, it is that which is aware of the body, of the mind, of the ego, of the emotions. In other words, the Self is that which is aware, not the object it is aware of.

When I say I am a ‘Self Awareness Teacher’, what does that mean? It means I teach you how to become aware of your Self, how to become aware of that which is aware. The Self is your guiding force through life, and I will teach you how to listen and pay attention to that guidance.

Why? So that your Self is guiding your life, not just your mind and ego.

What is wrong with the mind and ego guiding your life? Absolutely nothing! The mind and the ego are beautiful, and when you are working with them, and not being ruled by them, they can be the most useful assistants in your life. However, when the mind and ego are running rampant, the Self is not in balance. The purpose of Self Awareness is to be aware of all parts of Self, so that they are all working in harmony, as they are supposed to!

The mind and the ego are not enemies to be destroyed, they are tools to be employed. The mind has great creative power—constructive and destructive. The ego, when you understand how it works, keeps you ‘in check’, it shows you where your reactions are coming from so that you can look at what is behind the reactions. I will share with you how to be aware of what is mind and what is ego.What is the benefit of being aware of Self? It is how you come to know who you are, on a much deeper level. It is how you begin the navigation towards happiness, love, peace, contentment, understanding.

Though it can be confusing for many people to navigate between the mind and the ego, and find the Self, I am able to simplify the process and strip away the extraneous so that Self can be accessed and recognised.

I deconstruct the illusion, in order to allow the construction of your truth.

How do I do that? I am able to reveal to you the many ways you obstruct your own life. And I guide you, gently and safely, into seeing your life clearly, so that, together we can find a better way, so that you can begin to create the life you desire. Let me point out here that it is not an easy path. I will ‘call you’ on many things, for your own benefit.

In a group situation it is often helpful for people to realise that they are not the only one struggling with deep personal issues, be it self-worth, self-respect, lack of self-love, and that many people want to throw their arms in the air and scream ‘my life is such a mess!’

How can I possibly understand? I have walked the journey, I know what it’s made of.

How can I know what it is that you need? How can I know what you need to hear, to see, to be told? In order to answer these questions I have to step out on the proverbial ledge here … and be completely open about who I am …

I am not the human who walks this life, I am the Soul, and as such I have the wisdom of my Soul. I am Wise Woman, Oracle, Priestess, Light, Love, I am all that I have ever been and more. I am a unique frequency.

I cannot be who I am not. It is too uncomfortable for me to even try any more. So, I will be fully present and authentic with you. And yes, I can help.