So happy after his long walk ...

Accepting the moments …

One day you make progress, and you have a good ten metres when your dog walks with the leash loose! No pulling! Loose leash walking. Hooray!!! Two days later, he loses the plot when he sees another dog, and there is no escape from the situation! Once we are able to move on, he won’t[…]

Possibilit3 copy

What I have learnt

What do I do when I feel overwhelmed? I stop. And I admit that it has taken me while to get to this place of understanding myself. My previous pattern: I react. Then over 24 hours or more, I think, and consider, and find a course of action, or a solution (one that is far[…]


Alignment amidst chaos

How do we keep in alignment when all around us seems very out of alignment I wish there was an easy, and respectful answer to that … but the fact is that after the terrorist shooting in Christchurch, if I were to say, just choose to be in alignment, focus on things to appreciate, that[…]


Cats at sea

A cat on a ship is not a new thing. There have been cats on ships since Egyptian times. They were considered to bring good luck, as well as being very good at keeping the mice down! And so, the story of the black cat on the Fairway, discovered two weeks into the voyage from[…]


Let go of the past

In opening to the journey ahead, we are best served if we leave the old journey behind. This is not to say that what happened to us is irrelevant, it is to say that, so often we allow ourselves to be chained to the past. And that means we cannot move forward. And yet, we[…]

Our words 2

Our words have power

Our words have the power to heal, to comfort, and also to hurt. Every word that we utter comes with two sounds, which are in effect frequencies, so we have the frequency of the sound of the words themselves, and we have the sound of the frequency of emotion, or energy, that is experienced as[…]


We contain it all

We are bound and enslaved by the theory that we do not have access to all that we require in order to be all that we are. And yet, at the same time, we are told that: everything already exists within us. The truth … repeated over and over through all the ages of time[…]

Enter Panther, my companion on the journey ahead ...

We hide our struggles ..

I don’t let people see when I am struggling. Why? Because it is the same as with animals, injuries makes us vulnerable to attack, and so we do not show we are injured. It is, perhaps, a primal instinct within us, a self-preservation thing. Little Panther, 5 month old kitten, walked into our lives—wandered in[…]



2018 I am so pleased to meet you. I flowed into this year on a wave of energy begun in 2017. I left 2017 holding on to nothing. I flowed into 2018 grasping at nothing. Paradise. Is it a place, or a state of being? Heaven. Is that a place, or a state of being?[…]

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2018 The Year of Results

2018 is the year of results. So, whatever you set in motion … the results will play out in 2018 For those who set negative things in motion, the results will play out. For those who set positive things in motion, the results will play out. For those who took steps of action, those will[…]

Presence ...

Being Present with Self/Soul …

It is in the connection with all that is, that I found the simplicity of existence. We make it so hard. We decide ‘we are here for this experience, we are here for that experience, we are here for this purpose, that purpose, we have this mission, that mission’. Once it meant so much to[…]

There is no veil...

There is no veil

There is no veil. A misconception woven upon humanity … that a veil has fallen. In truth … there is no veil. There is only belief of a veil. In truth … you ‘are’. Here, in this moment, all that separates you from your Infinite Self is an illusion of the veil … a lie[…]

Spark of light

A tiny divine spark …

A tiny Divine Spark has created the most beautiful, and complicated, cosmos. A tiny Divine Spark has created chaos and order. A tiny Divine Spark has created joy and grief. It was not created by the Original Source, by the Universal Consciousness of I AM … It was created by the sparks. It was created[…]

I want to know me

I want to know me

All of the searching, all of the seeking, was to find one thing: me, amidst the noise of my own life. I wanted to know me. I wanted to be me. I wanted to stop running around searching, and I wanted to find me. I found me amidst the stillness and the silence. I found[…]

Manifesting boots

Where’s the ground?

I said to someone, about 6 weeks ago ‘I just can’t find the ground’. And I meant it. I had been through so many life changes, and I couldn’t find any ground beneath my feet—I don’t mean literally! I know what you’re thinking “Were you needing to ‘ground’, Robyn?” Answer: “Yes!” I was certainly not[…]


Humankind, on the treadmill…

Humankind On the treadmill Round and round Lifetimes Again, and again, and again Karma Payback Gain Loss Trapped On the treadmill Round and round Lifetimes Again, and again, and again Humankind trapped Within the illusion The illusion of separation Universal oneness Forgotten Humankind trapped Within the illusion The illusion of needing to learn Universal knowing[…]


I love my jobs

I love my jobs!!! How does this happen? How does a 53 year old woman end up working part time in a cycle shop? Simple! I am incredibly immature! And I may be a little bit crazy. Though I am a passionate cyclist, I am, first and foremost, a writer. It’s in the blood, the[…]