Being Present with Self/Soul …

Presence ...

Presence …

It is in the connection with all that is, that I found the simplicity of existence.

We make it so hard. We decide ‘we are here for this experience, we are here for that experience, we are here for this purpose, that purpose, we have this mission, that mission’. Once it meant so much to me, now it all means nothing to me.

There is one pure strand of truth that lights my unknown way, and that is ‘to be Present with my Self’ in its deepest, broadest, most expanded meaning.

When I am present, the world responds. I do not need to ‘do’ I do not need to ‘shout’, I do not even need to teach … you all respond to my being present with my Self.

For some time now it has been important to me to ‘be present with my Self’ and then present with whoever I am with, but that has changed now. When I am present with my self (the word ‘Self’ being interchangeable with ‘Soul’) I feel transformed, I feel non-limited, I feel my energy … I feel my purity. But I have come to understand that there is another phrase that means the same thing as what I was experiencing when I was ‘being present with my Self’ and that is ‘being Connected to Source’ (I heard that phrase in a video of Ester Hicks, and realised she was talking about the same thing, in a different terminology, and I was grateful because it brought me to a deeper and more expanded understanding.)

With this deeper and more expanded understanding, I changed. Knowing always changes us.

I know now what it is I have been working towards, and it was/is to be Connected to Source constantly whilst living this lifetime. I also have come to accept lately that I am very different to many people, if not all people. My energy is different to most people. It contains a purity that is no better or lesser that anyone else’s energy, it just is what it is. That purity causes confusion in some people, and some run from it because the purity, the innocence, is too much for them to touch. They dare not. They fear purity and innocence because they feel so far from it … and yet, I am only showing them who they are, for we are the same. I bring my purity, my innocence, so that you may know it. In knowing it, you will come to understand that you are it, no matter what has happened in your life.

I do not hold a fear of being different, and I can say I no longer hold a loneliness … for now I know what it is to be Connected to Source, and when I am connected, my life develops from that energy, from that frequency.

There is no fear. There is no anxiety. I am a frequency, I am vibration, and when I am Connected to Source … I simply am.

But … I get to experience that whilst in a physical lifetime.

My personal belief is that the only purpose of the human lifetime is to ‘know who we are’ … and we are Source. And from ‘knowing’ comes being … Being a physical expression of Source Energy.

And that is a wonderful journey to contemplate …