Rainbow candles

  Two days a week I work in a metaphysical shop, and yesterday a man came in to buy a gay pride necklace and a gay pride ring. He was in his fifties, and was so upset by the Orlando shootings that he wanted to do something, anything … and for him, it was to[…]

May was a 'stormy' month

May was a tough month!

Hands up everyone who found May a really really tough month? If I had to use one word to define the month, it might be ‘stormy’. But … the reason things happen, the reason they come up is because we are ready to deal with them. Or, we are ready to support someone else to[…]

It is timing ...

It is timing, timing timing

Meeting a person, beginning a new path, opening up to new ventures…it truly is all about timing. When the time is right, it will happen. When you are meant to meet, it will happen. And no sooner. Your impatience, your frustrations, these are merely your Soul feeling that which is coming, that which is in[…]

Get out of your comfort zone ...

Our comfort zone

We stay within our comfort zone because it is safe. It asks nothing more of us than what we are comfortable doing or being. We can, quite peacefully, remain living within that comfort zone for the rest of our lives. But, if we desire to grow, to expand, to know ourselves, then there will come[…]