I love my jobs

I love my jobs!!! How does this happen? How does a 53 year old woman end up working part time in a cycle shop? Simple! I am incredibly immature! And I may be a little bit crazy. Though I am a passionate cyclist, I am, first and foremost, a writer. It’s in the blood, the[…]

Drink with reverence...


It is a simple concept and an undervalued concept. You rush through life so fast that you barely have time to taste the food you eat, or notice that which is around you. What would happen if you slowed down and performed every single act of your day with reverence? You would rise from your[…]

It is timing ...

It is timing, timing timing

Meeting a person, beginning a new path, opening up to new ventures…it truly is all about timing. When the time is right, it will happen. When you are meant to meet, it will happen. And no sooner. Your impatience, your frustrations, these are merely your Soul feeling that which is coming, that which is in[…]

Get out of your comfort zone ...

Our comfort zone

We stay within our comfort zone because it is safe. It asks nothing more of us than what we are comfortable doing or being. We can, quite peacefully, remain living within that comfort zone for the rest of our lives. But, if we desire to grow, to expand, to know ourselves, then there will come[…]