It is a simple concept and an undervalued concept.

You rush through life so fast that you barely have time to taste the food you eat, or notice that which is around you.

What would happen if you slowed down and performed every single act of your day with reverence?

You would rise from your bed with reverence for your body.

You would brush your teeth with reverence for your teeth and your toothbrush.

You would shower with reverence for your body, and for the water.

You would dress with reverence for the clothing.

You would eat with reverence for the food.

You would drink with reverence for the liquid.

You would walk with reverence for the land beneath your feet.

You would drive with reverence for your car, for the road, and for the other traffic.

You would perform your daily job with reverence for the work itself, and for your colleagues.

You would cook with reverence for the ingredients.

You would wash dishes with reverence for the dishes, and for the soapy water.

You would vacuum with reverence for the flooring and for the vacuum cleaner.

You would mow the lawns with reverence for the grass and for the lawnmower.

You would garden with reverence for the plants, the soil, the gardening tools, and your own body.

You would stand and look up at the sky with reverence for the sky and for yourself.

Life should be revered, appreciated, honoured.

Everything that you see, that you smell, that you touch and taste, is made from the same energy as you. Divine energy. So please, treat it all with reverence, do not take it for granted.

It is not ‘nothing’, it is not ‘lifeless’, it is not ‘valueless’. It is all Divine energy.

Understand this.

Live this.


Life should be revered, appreciated, honoured.