Our comfort zone

We stay within our comfort zone because it is safe. It asks nothing more of us than what we are comfortable doing or being.

We can, quite peacefully, remain living within that comfort zone for the rest of our lives. But, if we desire to grow, to expand, to know ourselves, then there will come a day when we feel our self pushing against that comfort zone, when we begin to feel imprisoned by it.

We have two choices: ignore the feeling and remain within our comfort zone, safe and secure with nothing asked of us; or, we can decide to grow beyond our comfort zone, to allow life to bring life to us!

An opportunity may arise, may be presented to us, and our immediate response will be ‘This is way outside my comfort zone,’ and yet, we will find our self saying ‘Yes.’ Why? Because we know we are ready for more, ready to accept what life desires to offer us. We are ready to grow, and to know more of who we are.

In truth, discomfort is merely the feeling of facing the unknown, and it is in facing the unknown that the unknown becomes known, and the discomfort becomes comfortable. And do you know what happens next? We grow, we expand, and life brings us another opportunity, another discomfort to embrace and become comfortable with.

Each time an opportunity is presented to us, we allow our heart to respond, and in so doing we know if it is right to say ‘yes’, or right to say ‘no’, for sometimes it is growth, and sometimes it is a test. So, always, we remain in tune with our own heart, to know what is the right path to take.

When an opportunity is offered, and we feel that it is right to say ‘yes’, we have the opportunity to grow. There is always a reason behind the opportunity, even if we do not understand it at the time. It might be two or three months down the track that the pieces begin to fit together and we look back in wonder at where we are because we said yes.

To create the future we desire, life will bring us opportunities to enable us to get there. If we constantly deny the opportunities because they are uncomfortable, we will stay exactly where we are. Safely in our comfort zone. Safely in the same place. We cannot get to the top of the hill if we remain sitting at the bottom of the hill refusing to walk.

Do we want to grow? Or do we want to remain the same as we are in this moment?

If we want to grow, then, sooner or later, we are going to reach the limits of our comfort zone, and we are going to have to step beyond in order to grow.

Every opportunity that life presents to us is presented for a reason.

Don’t be afraid to feel uncomfortable as you work towards the comfortable, and discover a deeper, more expanded you!