If your thoughts create your world

If your thoughts create your world, what world are you creating?

If your thoughts create your environment, what environment are you creating?

If your thoughts create your day, what kind of day are you creating?

There was a time when I did not understand this, and though the concept seemed great, I did not really believe that it would work. And then I began to observe my world, and the people around me, and I witnessed the truth of it. I saw people creating an endless string of things to find fault with. I saw people create dramas and feed them with their outrage. I saw people who were kind and attracted kindness from others. I saw people who were so loving that they attracted those in need of that love to them and created even more love. I saw people who were gentle, and walked with such gentleness through their day. I saw people who liked to laugh and always attracted something to bring a smile to their face. I saw people who lived with peace in their heart and created peace all around them. I saw people who were stressed, and stressed out everyone in their energy field. I saw people who were serene and everyone in their presence calmed down.

Your thinking, your thoughts, these are energy which creates, and so it really does do us well to pay attention to our thoughts. What is the life you desire? Think about that life as often as you can. What does it feel like, smell like, sound like? Hold the vision, feel it, and emanate it! If you focus on everything that is wrong in life, you will continue to create that, because that is the energy you are putting out there. Like attracts like.

If I talk about everything that is wrong with my life, I add the spoken word to the thoughts, and create an even stronger energy, attracting more of what I don’t want! Why focus on what I do not want, when it brings me far more pleasure, and raises my vibration, when I think of the things I love about my life. This morning I was walking to get some milk, and an elderly lady paused and waited for me to catch up and then started a conversation. Afterwards I realised that my ‘default’ anytime I meet a person is ‘kindness’. I had been ‘in’ the conversation and yet observing myself at the same time. We all have a default. I did not know that mine was kindness until today.

Your vibration begins with you, and spreads outwards, having an effect on everything around you. Let us see, together, what we can create when we give more consideration to our thoughts …