If you don’t go after it, you’ll never know

Dreams. Do we dare to admit them, to chase them? Or do we merely take comfort in the idea of the dream?

There is nothing wrong with taking comfort in the idea, but why do you do that? Why don’t you pursue the dream? Why don’t you try?

Most likely, if you look beneath the layers of reasons you are giving, there will be the underlying issue of ‘fear’.

Fear stops us from doing so many things in life. We are afraid of failing, afraid of people laughing at us, afraid of being mocked, afraid of falling flat on our faces, afraid that we are not good enough, not talented enough, nor smart enough.

And yet, the dream is still there. Why? Because there is a part of us that is asking us “Please don’t be afraid. Don’t worry. Just try. Just … try …”

And deep within, there is another fear, of what it will feel like to reach old age having never tried, to have lived all our lifetime afraid of what other people might say, to the point where we were too paralysed by fear to ask our self the most important question: “What does my heart ache for?”


What does your heart ache for?

What do you yearn to do?

What dream do you hold deep and safe?

Bring it forth. Look at it.

Is failure really the worst that could happen? If someone laughs at you, is that the worst thing that could ever happen to you?

Do you want this dream?

Often we look at other people, those we deem successful, and we feel so insignificant in comparison—a comparison that exists purely in our own minds—that we do not even whisper our dream out loud before we have no faith in our self. Do you know why those people were successful? The most important thing, the most important quality that they had, the quality which fuelled their pursuit of their dream, was their faith in them self!

Faith in your self. That is where you need to begin. Have some faith in yourself. Any dream that you hold, is there as a gift. Within this gift are keys to your own journey in life. To find the keys, you have to embrace the dream. The gifts will not reveal themselves immediately, it will be along the journey of the pursuit of the dream, that you will—one day, possibly quite out of the blue—realise what the gift it, what they key is and then you will understand what the key unlocks. And that is only for you to know when you know find the key. No one else can give you the answer.

So, failure does not matter, because it is the gift within the pursuit of the dream that is truly the goal.

Please … have faith in yourself. You will only ever have a dream because it is within your capability to bring the dream to fruition.