Promoting, sharing, and speaking at the Body Mind Spirit Festival

On Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September I will be at the Body Mind Spirit Festival here in Christchurch (NZ).

If you are here in Christchurch on those days I extend a personal invitation to you to come along to the Festival and say ‘Hi’.

I will be promoting and sharing my visionary novel, CHALICE, and I will also be giving a talk (1 p.m. Saturday) on ‘The Parallels between Fiction and Reality … Where they meet & where they cross over’ … and it promises to be a very interesting talk.

It has definitely been a year of stepping forth into the world. As a writer, I have spent many years working at my craft. As a spiritual being I have spent many years searching without and within, to find who I am. The journeys have brought me to the same place. Each has assisted the other. Each has blended with, and merged, to the point where both journeys are the same journey.

And so, yes, I step forth, as an Author, and a Self Awareness Teacher. Initially it was a really big ask for me to ‘own’ this, but if I don’t ‘own’ it, then I am, by default, denying it. If I deny it, then I deny a big part of who I am, and I deny the purpose of the journey I have been walking.

So … 2015 … it is the year I opened the door and stepped out into the world…

Am I nervous? Yes! Very! But—without any ego—I know I have a lot to share with this world, a lot to give.

I love words. I have always loved words.

I have also come to understand the power of words, the way they vibrate through us when we think them, and when we speak them. The resonation touches not only every cell of our body, but it ‘sings’ through our entire energy field, and beyond.

Think about that … the thoughts that you hold of another, the sing through your cells, your energy, and beyond, all the way to that person. The thoughts that you hold about yourself, sing through your cells, your energy, and beyond, and touch everyone around you. The spoken word is even more powerful. And, when spoken with full understanding and intent … the power of the words are magical!

This is what magic is. The power of the word, spoken with full understanding and intent. So … is writing magical? Well … come to my talk and you will find out … if you are not able to come to my talk, then ‘watch this space’ as I may write about it over the next week or two when I have some time.