We see the majesty of you

It is not easy living in the world. You are subject to many things, and you take on board so much that is not who you are, and yet you allow it to define you in so many ways.

You are mistreated, and this teaches you to feel valueless. You are hurt, and this teaches you fear of pain. You are ignored, and this teaches you to feel insignificant. You are humiliated, embarrassed, and this teaches you to silence yourself. You feel you are stupid, ugly, weak, insignificant, that you have no value in this world … and yet we hold you so dearly in our embrace.

We see the majesty of you.
We see the beauty of you.
We see the gift that you are to this world.

We see that love, so deep, so pure, so Soul touching, that resides within you.

From the physical world you have learnt to feel lesser. This is a false lesson. You are, every one of you, magnificent beyond words!

If we were to tell you that you are loved so greatly, would that help?

You are loved greatly. You are cherished!

Would it help it we told you you were smart?

You are! You have all the skills and passions you need for the life you came here to live.

The reason everyone is not identical, all academic high achievers, all top sports people, all artistic, is because the world does not need clones. The world needs what each and every one of you brings to this world. There are no lesser or greater jobs, there are no lesser or greater people. A man may perform heart surgery and save a life. A woman might smile at a stranger, so genuinely smile at him, that he lets go his thoughts of suicide. A child may laugh in front of a deeply sad elderly woman, and lift her from her sadness to the very height of joy. A child playing fetch with a dog might bring such innocent joy to all around that they are lifted. A woman, striding so confidently in herself, might inspire another woman to stand taller. A young man who stops to help an injured dog off the road, might touch the hearts of everyone who witnesses his act. The man who is sweeping the road, might clear the path for a cyclist, and increase the joy in that cyclist’s heart! The executive in the office might offer appreciation to his staff, and thus they feel seen and valued. The secretary who prepared everything for her boss’s meeting might have enabled everyone at the meeting to get home for dinner with their families. The barista may have made the perfect coffee that resulted in such praise from the customer that both customer and barista are lifted from the experience.

There is no single act that has no result.

Everything you do has an impact.

What we desire for you is this: let go of your fears and worries, and think of the life you would like to live. See yourself happy, peaceful, loving and loved. See yourself walking your life’s path. See yourself glowing with joy for all that is in your life. See yourself attracting the most wonderful people into your life.

At your purest truth, you are Love. Anything that is not of love is not you. Let this be your guide.


You have all you need

You have all the skills and passions you need for the life you came here to live.