What does it matter where I am from?

UnknownDivine origins.

Many people talk about their star origins, and I sometimes think it is because we are so desperate to find where we are from and where we belong, so desperate for a sense of family, of place, of belonging.

I was talking with a friend, and I said that I don’t know where I am from. That is not entirely true, I do know, I am from Source Energy, I am a Divine part of Source Energy/Universal Consciousness/God. I am a physical expression of that.

This is the closest I can ever come to my truth.

What star may my lineage be from? Many.
What worlds have I lived on? Many.
What realms have I dwelt in? Many.

I cannot pinpoint a place where I belong, other than the centre of Source Energy. Once I would have said the heart or the mind of Source Energy, but now I know I come from the centre—though the experience of being in the heart or mind of Source Energy is beautiful.

I have scattered remembrances of lives I have lived on Earth, and they are only of value because they pinpoint times I know I have been here, and are relevant. I don’t remember what other worlds I have lived on because they are not relevant to this lifetime. I don’t remember other existences, because they are not relevant to this lifetime. The existence I am aware of is my Soul, from the beginnings to the ends of ‘time’ from the start to the end of this long soul journey…THAT is something I am aware of. The details matter not.

If I was meant to know more of other lifetimes, then I would. I accept that I do not remember much because I do not need to. Perhaps it is because I would identify too much with one part of my eons long journey … when really I am—as I have said before—the culmination of every journey ever walked, every lifetime ever lived. I am the culmination of all of it.

There are things about me which appear to have been constant to matter where I have been, and that is the writer/teacher/wise one, and the warrior/defender. These still play out in this lifetime I am living on Earth.

Did I come with a mission to be here at this pivotal time? Do I really need to have an answer to that? I am here. Is that not enough? I will do all that I can as I grow in my own vibrational existence. Is that not enough?

I am here.


All time and space folds in upon itself.