Just a bit of a rant …

Here’s the thing … I am pretty sure that we have got everything all wrong.flowers and bee

People talk about ‘your mission’ in this life.

I can see, pretty clearly, that our mission is to put back into balance what we took out of balance.

There was a time of balance, when man and women were equal. That shifted. Perhaps the women seized control, and decided that men, with their muscles, were best suited to manual labour. Women, with their innate wisdom, and ability to bring life, should have control of that life? And then, perhaps, men seized control back, and did their absolute best to diminish women, to reduce them to servants, ‘lesser than’, sinful, weak, not as smart as men, not able to handle stress or important decisions. Women in some cultures and beliefs were then told to cover themselves up, to, effectively, hide themselves. Let me repeat that “hide themselves”! Now, it may be their whole body, or just the head, or most of the body with only the head and hands exposed. Hide the incredible beauty that God/Source had created?! Hide that which is of great beauty and wisdom, and power.

Forgive me, but that is very insulting to Source/God. To hide that which was created … to diminish it and make it worthless in the eyes of humanity.

And then let us look at the state of our world. Once it was in balance. The balance of nature. All lived in cycles. This ate that, this lived on that, this shared that … and balance was kept. But then humankind decided they wanted more, and more and more, more land, more animals, more money … This world, as you take the time to look at it, has been brutally treated, and taken out of balance through greed, and that is all it is: Greed! And let me be blunt here: there is enough in this world for everyone!

Believe it or not, your child does not need a MacBook, they do not need a cell phone. We the adults do not need to be on our cell phones 24 hours a day.

We are not even able to walk down the street without our eyes being glued to our cell phone. We have descended into slavery!! That is the truth here!! We are enslaved by the technology we have created. We cannot live without it. We rely on it for absolutely everything.

But we shouldn’t!! We have not made progress. We had gone the opposite way.

We are slaughtering wild animals for no reason other than ‘we can’! Stupid!

I saw an article that in Jakarta people did not want to get caught with the animals they had illegally caught and caged and had on the boat so they threw them all—still caged—over the side of the boat. Stupid. Cruel. Inhuman. I am disgusted at their complete lack of respect for life.

Rich people shoot a wild elephant so they can pose with the carcase. They don’t need the food or the skin or the bones or organs, they just wanted to kill something. Stupid!

Jungles and forests are being cut down. Trees take up water, they help to prevent flooding and drought. They create oxygen! They harbour life! They should be cherished. Every tree should be cherished.

People are lazy with their rubbish and toss it aside with no concern, assuming nature will take care of it. Stupid!

We did away with paper shopping bags and re-useable glass milk bottles (years ago one businessman who owned a milk company decided it was too expensive to upgrade his glass bottle cleaning factory (for the milk bottles) so shut it down, and went with plastic bottles instead (that was the last time I ever bought anything that is produced by his company). Now we are returning to paper bags and re-usable bags, and small almost boutique milk companies are realising we want glass bottles back, and they are doing it! We are coming full circle.

How did we get away from it all in the first place? Cheaper options, and the desire for more profit. In a word: Greed!

So, we are plagued by GREED and STUPIDITY!

The young generation want to blame us for everything, but they need to get off their cell phones, off their computers and start getting their hands dirty with gardening, fixing cars, building, cooking, preserving fruit and veges, making jam, sewing …. We need to get back to our roots.

And, as a global population we need to STOP doing the wrong thing. Do what is RIGHT, not just what will get you more money!

Businessmen, greedy people, politicians … you have a lot to answer for, and unfortunately we are all having to play the price for what you have done!

Our mission is to put the world back into balance. It’s not some high flying, magical, thing to do with ‘the grand experiment on earth’ … it’s to get the world back into balance, so that all beings are thriving. Let the natural balance come back into our wildlife, into our forests and jungles …

Humans do not own the earth. We are the caretakers. It is time to do a better job, and to nurture and nourish our earth, and out humanity back into health.

Women … stand up and take back the power that was always yours.

Men … stop believing you are more powerful that women, and that the earth belongs to you.

Men, women, and children … let’s clean up this world, and make it a beautiful garden again.