Day 6 of self-isolation

Today is day 6 of self-isolation … And I will mark it as the day I found my groove, my flow. Yes, it took me this long.IMG_4404

Yesterday I found that social media was leaving me a little overwhelmed. So many people trying to help others, to support others, there were live videos, and recorded videos, and sharings, and interpretations, and channelled information … and also critical, negative posting, a lot of frustration, and blaming of others. It became a little overwhelming for me, and so I stepped back and spent much of the day in contemplation.

That is what helped me to find my groove … to accept that I can slow down, stop, do nothing, and just ‘be’ … and with that, everything slowed down, and I could breath again. I spent time writing, contemplating, and being in that peaceful place. I thought about what I needed, and wanted.

I looked at the situation I am in, the one all of NZ is in—except essential workers—and, indeed, much of the world. Self-isolation. For four weeks. What is the gift within this, the silver lining? For those who know me, you know I always look for something positive, for some gift within tough times or tough events.

I can’t go to work, I can’t go shopping, and I can’t visit anyone, and I realised that there is a great sense of freedom that comes from not having to do anything. There is a huge sense of freedom! So I embrace it, and rejoice that, if I want to, I can wear pyjamas all day long! I can drink tea all day long. I can write all day long. I don’t have to go anywhere, and I don’t have to visit anyone, I don’t have to be anywhere but here.

Plus … and here is the big thing … I can devote this time to contemplation, meditation, mindfulness, self observation, and I can purify and strengthen my alignment to Source Energy/Universal Consciousness/God. I can purify my mind, my thoughts, my behaviour (to the best of my ability) and thus purify my connection/alignment. In so doing I am able to raise my vibration, and that is quite possibly the only valuable gift I can give to the world.

At the end of this period of self-isolation I do not believe we will all go back to ‘life as before’ because this period of time is changing us.

Four weeks of self-isolation allows us to stop the spread of the Corona Virus, and even though numbers will go up as symptoms reveal themselves in those already infected, we can stop the spread from going any further. So our gift to ourselves and each other is to self-isolate. Our deepest gift to ourself is what we do with this time. I am blessed in that I have the opportunity to devote this time to myself, to my own unique journey, to my own connection to Source, so that I can attain my own answers, and my own communication.

There is much going on in the world … and I do not know it all, and I do not understand half of what I have read, but I do know that fear is not the way to go. For me, fear is the descent into lower vibrations, and I desire the opposite direction! There is much that I can do, and am doing, that I will never talk about, but rest assured there are many who stand ready, who are in action, who were born for just such a time as this. We are ready. We were born ready. We have spent our lifetime ‘honing’ our skills, and preparing. And now … it is all underway.

The world is changing …we are changing. This is as it has to be.

The way we lived was not supportive of a thriving world, and so we have been forced to pause and sit back, and just look at how the Earth immediately began to heal herself, how fast the animals began to heal, and how instantly the air began to clear. Polluted cities have clean air for the first time. Waterways in many places are clear. Dolphins have appeared (great healers in their own right!) in the waterways of Venice! Plants are thriving (they clear the energy). When we, humanity have to shut up, and go sit in the corner, the world begins to heal. So … let’s support her. Let’s allow healing to take place.

Let’s stop and feel the life in our own gardens. Let’s feel the intelligence of the crystals. Let’s feel the language of the animals. Let’s focus on our heart-space and feel the love of Source.

Someone was very angry because a person had said ‘humankind are the virus’ but lets consider this … within every problem is the solution. And our ‘lock down’ our ‘self-isolation’ has been the solution, it has revealed to us the way forward.

People talk of a global ascension … but they do not talk about the how … So let me share a small insight with you. There is great evil upon this world, and has been for many thousands of years. People talk of the battle of Light against Dark but they never consider what it looks like, they never acknowledge it as being anything more than the shadow self within … but let me tell you the evil is greater than anything you could comprehend. And that is why I will not tell you about it. BUT, what I can tell you is that the great battle is underway. Legion was ready. Legion is here. Prior to the arrival of the Legion, there was already a task force in place, and I cannot tell you who is the Commander of all of that, for they are not of Earth, they are of a Divine realm, and you will never comprehend who they are. Even if you think you know … you will be wrong. You do not need to know. And so in the battle, in which the darkness will most assuredly be defeated, where will they go? In a ‘form’ they will be taken home into healing and into the true Light. In their ‘absence’ the vibration of Earth will immediately lift, and THAT is the ascension that is spoken of.

If you are not for us, you are against us.
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
And so, I urge you to devote this time to healing, to your Soul journey, to contemplation, meditation, to faith in the Great Consciousness, the Great Spirit, Source Energy, Universal Consciousness, God.

It is time for us all to ‘step up’!


(At the end of the above exclamation mark, the word count on this piece of writing was 1111.  Coincidence? Meaning? Who knows. Read into it what you will.)