I realise now what 2020 held and what 2021 may be …

I realise now, in looking back at 2020, that the insight I thought I had as to the meaning and potential of 2020, was for me alone.

I perceive through my own existence … therefore I can perceive only my own pathway.

Any insight I might gain can only ever be from the perspective of my own energy, my own vibration, my own journey. It must have a reference point, and that reference point can only ever be me. And any possible understanding I might gain is that which is directly relatable to me, to my unique journey.

Yes, perhaps there is a global guidance, a global energy … but I perceive all things from my own vibration. Therefore my view and understanding will be unique to me.

And I understand … 2020 had a meaning and a guidance for me and … I look back and know that I achieved the purpose 2020 held for me.

Let me step back to over a year ago, to the final days of 2019, when I delved into what meaning was approaching with the year 2020, and I perceived that it was 2 and 0 … Duality and oneness … Separation and Wholeness. That was my message. That was my pathway, my road to walk. It was both a personal and a global possibility … but for each of us, the walk is unique and personal.

Now, I sit here in the first days of 2021 and I know that I achieved the journey 2020 held for me. Through all of the challenges of 2020 I developed greater faith, greater trust. I devoted myself to my journey. I examined every aspect of myself. I self checked every response to every reaction or response within me–and I still do. I came to understand myself, and to understand the Universe. I came to understand how it all works. Life became, as a result, very simple. And … yes … I achieved that which 2020 held for me: from duality I stepped into oneness, wholeness, with Source, with Universal Consciousness. I moved from feeling separate, into oneness, into wholeness.

Here, in these early days of 2021 I can again see a personal (and possibly global) message, and I take that message to heart.

There are two simultaneous journeys. One is 2 and 0, representing the continuous shift of consciousness from duality and separation in every possible aspect of my existence, into a wholeness, a completeness. And the 2 and 1 represent movement from living as separate, to living as one, as ONE being, Source and I are one. And Source is everything in existence—that grain of sand, the weed, the blade of grass, the fencepost, the cat, the dog, the bird, the tree … everything.

As I moved from duality into oneness, into wholeness … I moved from living as a separate being, to knowing that I am one being, that there is only one being. And that one is all of life. And in 2021 I will live that … but greater than anything, I know it. There is no difference between me and any person, there is no difference between me and anything in existence … My dog and I are one. My children and I are one. My garden and I are one. The sun and I are one. The moon and I are one. The breath of wind and I are one …. Because Source and I are one … And Source/Universal Consciousness/God is everything.

I perceive through my own existence … therefore I can perceive only my own pathway.