Welcome to the redesigned website!

Welcome to my newly re-designed website.

Welcome to my first public admission of who I am and how I work.

Welcome to this space in which authenticity is guaranteed.

For most of my life I have sought to understand this world, and to understand myself. That journey took me outward, searching, seeking, reading, studying, practising, and whilst I learnt and grew a great deal, I still could not find what it was I was seeking. I still did not have a clue who I was.

One day I felt an overwhelming longing to just be free. No more following people, ideologies, methodologies, no more being told what my truth was.

If a Soul could cry for freedom, mine had.

It was a longing, and a cry, that led me to begin the deeply personal inner journey.

And there, on the inner journey … I found everything.

It has been the most incredible journey, and I am thankful for every moment, even the unpleasant ones!

As my slogan says: My goal is to inspire you on your own uniquely individual path.