May was a tough month!

Hands up everyone who found May a really really tough month?

If I had to use one word to define the month, it might be ‘stormy’.

But … the reason things happen, the reason they come up is because we are ready to deal with them. Or, we are ready to support someone else to deal with something, in which case we, in our role, are also learning a great deal about ourself in the process.

Whether the process we are in is ours or someone else’s, we will always have things come up for us, come up within us, and that is great, because it gives us the chance to learn about ourself.

One thing May did not allow anyone to do (and I may as well say that this is going to apply to the entire year) is to ignore the elephant in the room.

That which needs to come up for you will come up for you. And you know what? You will handle it. You will work your way through it. It would not come up if you were not truly ready to deal with it.

My guidance here is this…

Be gentle with yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for the decisions you have made. There is a reason they were made, and from every single one, you have learnt about yourself.

There is no such thing as right and wrong, there is simply ‘an experience.’ Hot cold, sweet, sour, these are just experiences.

In every situation where something arises in you from a conversation, or an interaction with another, don’t blame them. Own how you are feeling and examine why you are feeling that way. What has the situation brought up in you for you to look at?

Yes, we all want to be happy all the time. However, if we do not allow life to show us the areas of our life, or of ourself, that prevent us from being truly happy, then we will never be truly happy. And so, life will bring them to our attention again and again and again, until we stop, look at them, feel them, understand them, and allow change to happen.

No one outside of yourself can ever make you happy.

Not possession or object can ever make you happy.

Only you can find the happiness within yourself waiting to be released from the burdens of anguish, worry, anxiety, fear, self-loathing … Only you, can set your happiness free. And then you will be happy no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing–and yes, there is joy even in cleaning the toilets!!