It is time for great discernment


What I am aware of … there is so much false information being fed to humanity. I am not talking about politics and business, I am talking about the spiritual stuff.

What I am seeing and reading is that an awful lot of information is coming through, and a lot of special dates have been and gone and more being announced. There are codes and activations, information, and devastations!

And what I am aware of is that where there is ego in a light-worker, there is a doorway to falsity, for that ‘special’ knowledge that they receive, that makes them feel special and above others, that ego doorway is the doorway to falsity! We all have ego, yes, but we must also have discernment. So long as that ego door is there, so long as people want to be special, they can be utilised and fed false images.

And they are being fed false images, and false information.


To put you in fear. To keep you disempowered. To keep you distracted. The irony is that that which is being portrayed as that which will help you to know yourself, is actually to keep you from knowing yourself. It is to draw you outward into loyalty of others, into following.

Out there. Have you noticed it is always ‘out there’ that the information comes from. This star system, that galactic family. And can I say that so long as we are told that ‘they’ are looking after us, waking us up, giving us all the information we need, we not only lose all discernment, worse still, we cease to take any responsibility, after all, why should we when ‘they’ are taking care of everything for us. We stop ‘doing’ and we let ‘them’ take care of and do everything for us, and in the meantime nothing is getting done, and we are not embracing our own unique path! We trust ‘them’ … and unfortunately, there is a lot of stuff being fed in order to put people into fear and into disempowerment.

Mass consciousness can be controlled, through the very planting of an idea with people who are spiritually strong, and when you get enough of them holding the same idea, then it comes forth into physical reality.

I read recently that such and such a thing was going to happen and we would be given full powers of manifestation and creation. Holy crap. You have got to be kidding me. I read it twice to make sure I read it right. And then I was angry. In telling anyone such a thing you are effectively telling them they do not have any powers of manifestation and creation, and that they will be given them. The special few will be given them. Fuck! We are Creators! We already have the full powers of manifestation and creation. They are intrinsically a part of who and what we are. We just don’t know how to utilise them properly. We are so often unconscious creators … but when we learn to be conscious creators, when we hold the thoughts and the feeling of what we do want and stop focussing on and thinking about what we don’t want, then we will see life change. But, we need to be in alignment first, when we are in alignment, and joyous, we will feel life around us and we will feel ourselves creating it. When we are in alignment life responds, we are consciously creating what we desire to bring into our life, and we understand what it feels like when we are in alignment and when we are out of alignment. No one can do this for us. No one can give us something we already have. All they can do is say ‘hey you already have this, let me give you some ideas of how to work with it and play with it, and then see how your life changes when you are consciously aware of what you are doing.’

But for someone to say we will be given the ability to create and manifest … is to say we do not already have that ability. Lies. Falsity. Disempowerment. You see what I mean. Ego in a light worker is a doorway to false images and false information.

I am not saying to disbelieve everything you read and hear, what I am saying is that this is very much a time to use discernment in everything you read, and hear and even everything you feel. And I want you to read what I am writing here and be very discerning about this too! Be discerning about all of it. This is a time to be very careful about what you ‘take on board’ so to speak, because it becomes a part of your frequency.

Keep your frequency pure.

So much is happening and so much information is being fed through, and when that ego doorway is open to false images and false information, I have to tell you, the person it is coming through does not even know they are being fed false images and information, because it feels good to them, the ‘specialness’ feels good to them, and in many ways it makes such sense, it seems so on to it. And so they do not question it. They open to more of it, they share it with those who follow them, those who look to them for guidance, and then that information spreads and spreads and spreads.

How does a negative energy infect a group of people with false images and ideas? It targets those with followers, if it can! If it can get to them, if it can get them to open to the information, if it can find that crack in their light, that ego crink, if it can find their weakness, bam it is in. Bam it has them believing, and bam it has them enslaved, and bam they are doing its bidding. This is how simple it is!

When you have no faith in yourself, you look outside of yourself for growth, information and wisdom all the time. You have no faith in you, you have only faith in others. Many of us have walked this path, but eventually we began to step away, and find our own personal path, the path that called to us, and we took that deep inward journey—the one that can smash you to pieces so that you can find what is real amidst the constructs of falsity you had lived with. You begin with your truth and you rebuild from there … and you are more discerning. You have an inner barometer that gauges truth from lie.

I understand what this is like because I have been there. Placed all my faith in others, and none in myself. And you know what, as I stand here, in alignment, I know who I am, and I have access to all that exists at the frequency that I am at. As my frequency rises I access more–but, only from that state of alignment.

In alignment I need no outside input, for I have access to all. And so, I keep my frequency as pure as I can … and I am just me doing the best I can.

Please use your discernment. Whatever you read or hear, use your discernment, don’t just blindly follow because you trust that person.

This is a time of being very careful what we allow into our frequency, what we allow as our truth, and what we allow our minds to hold on to.

Be discerning.