I am so pleased to meet you.

I flowed into this year on a wave of energy begun in 2017. I left 2017 holding on to nothing. I flowed into 2018 grasping at nothing.

Paradise. Is it a place, or a state of being?

Heaven. Is that a place, or a state of being?

My own perspective, based on my journey, and where I am at right now, is that they are a state of being.

Earlier today I bought a Buddha statue. It was not expensive, and I certainly was not looking to buy one—I actually went into the shop for bamboo stakes—but there it was and so, home it came with me. As I picked the spot in the garden for it to live, I placed it with care, and felt ‘make your garden the heaven you come home to each day’ . And I truly felt the sense of ‘heaven on earth’ in my life. I sit here now, and I look at my gardens, all quite simple, and I appreciate them so much. It is summer, and I get to come home each day and sit here and feel such beauty and joy in my surroundings. It is heaven. It is paradise.

So, yes, it is a state of being, it is a state of mind. It is a state we can all achieve. We don’t have to wait till be die and go to this ‘heaven’ to this ‘paradise’ that bibles talk about. It is not distant from us, it is not something we can only ever hope for. It is there for us to achieve.

Wherever you are, that is your paradise, your heaven, if your state of being and your state of mind are where they need to be.

Understanding this was not so much an idea that occurred to me, it was a truth that has always been there but never noticed before today. My frequency was the key to that understanding, and since I am having the best year so far, my frequency is awesome!! Frequency, as I have said before, is the key to accessing the wisdom/knowing/understanding that is within us. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it!

I took a step in the last days of 2017—which I wrote about in my previous blog—and stepped over the line of limitations, into a new way of being: a ‘naked’ and magnificent version of who I am. I rode that flow of energy from 2017 into 2018. This year I am holding to nothing, and allowing a truly wondrous journey to happen.

I feel life. I feel and sense the cosmos. I feel and see the intricacies.



(…this was all written before my much loved and cherished Dad passed away … but I will write about that later … Dad was ready to go, he was 88, and had become very frail … but I so miss him, and yet … and yet, I still feel his love, his smile, his support … So, Dad, let us both enjoy the journeys we are now on, and I know you will watch over me, and I hope I don’t make you roll your eyes too often! You were the best Dad any child could ever hope for. Thank you for all that you taught me.)