We contain it all

We are bound and enslaved by the theory that we do not have access to all that we require in order to be all that we are.

And yet, at the same time, we are told that: everything already exists within us.

The truth … repeated over and over through all the ages of time … we are the spark of the divine, we are all one, we are divine beings, we are one with God, “I am my Father/God are one”, we are the Gods and Goddesses, not lesser than the One God/Source Energy/Universal Consciousness from which we were born (or rather from which our individual spark began its journey), just smaller pieces of the whole!

We are both the drop of the ocean, and the ocean.

We are one drop in the ocean of consciousness, and yet we are all that the ocean is.

Therefore … we contain it all.

We are one drop in the ocean of consciousness, and yet we are all that the ocean is. (We have just forgotten this!)

Whilst we have all travelled different journeys, and had different experiences, and learnt many different things—such as I like chocolate but I don’t like coriander; there are no winners in war; my brother and I are one; what I send out comes back to me—when it comes down to the knowledge of the universe, the intrinsic God wisdom … there is no one person that contains knowledge that you do not contain. What they have done is accessed the frequency of that ‘wisdom/knowledge’? How? Frequency. Frequency is the key.

When we reach a particular frequency (vibration) we access what exists at that frequency. If our vibration was, for example, at level 7 (and I am using an entirely fictitious ‘levels’ example), we would access the wisdom and knowledge at level 7, but we would not access the wisdom and knowledge that exists at level 8. When our frequency rises, through our own spiritual expansion, then we will reach level 8 and access that which exists at level 8. No one can give us our own access to that which exists at level 7 or 8, etc, but they can, perhaps, share with us the tools we need to make the journey ourself, so that we can be at that level and embrace all that is at that level. And they can share their understandings of what they have accessed from the level they are on, but it is only words and theory until we have reached that level and awakened/accessed that knowledge/wisdom within us! And that is our journey! (I can teach you how to bake a pie, I can give you the recipe, but only you can bake the pie and sit down to eat it and experience it fully for yourself!)

All another person can do is inspire us to make a journey, which will hopefully lead to expansion. They can provide a safe environment and inspiration, but they cannot active things within us which are above the frequency we exist at. (It’s a bit like be being in a building on level one and saying I will turn the lights on on level 17.) We can be inspired on journeys which lead us into areas of growth, understanding, expansion, and that will result in our frequency rising. (We can turn the lights on on level 17 when we have reached level 17.)

Part of the journey of raising our frequency is to look at what it is within us that ‘reacts’ to people, situations, events. Any part of us that gets angry, annoyed, self righteous, bitter, resentful … these are all showing us that we have some inner stuff to look at. Do that. Look. Take that opportunity to own what you are feeling, without blaming any other. Take the opportunity to understand yourself, to heal. Take the deeply personal journey. As your heart fills with love, and acceptance of yourself, and is filled with gratitude for the beauty of all around you, your frequency will rise. You will understand things you did not understand before.

THIS is how it works. This is how we access higher frequency. Our journey is our route to higher frequency.

Don’t bury your head in the sand and assume everything will be handed to you on a golden platter without you having to do any personal work whatsoever. All that another can do is motivate you, inspire you, point out directions to you, but it is you who has to walk the journey. And it is your uniquely individual journey to walk.

I already am all that I need. I already contain all that I need. I already know everything. I have simply forgotten that it is all within me, a part of me, a part of my essence … and that by raising my frequency I access it all, level by level by level, able to embrace and integrate each level. (In truth there are no levels, and it is all just frequency.)

No one can awaken us. Only we can awaken ourself, and raise our own frequency. And, in all honesty, it would be dangerous for our frequency to just be changed in an instant from level 5 to level 9. We would be so overwhelmed, so confused, so messed up. (I repeat, that I am only using fictitious level numbers in order to give you a sense of understanding, because in truth there are no levels, it all just is.) And that is why it is a journey we must each walk, so that we can adjust, embrace, and continue to raise our own frequency in the way that is the most compatible and acceptance to each of us. That is not to say there is a time limit. With commitment, dedication to our own self journey, we could achieve consistent increases in frequency, and advance rapidly.

Earth is not a game that we are trying to win. Being divine in physical form is an experience, not an experiment! My deeply personal goal is to raise my own frequency to the level where I am God Force/Source Energy/Universal Consciousness in physical form. From where I am today, I have already experienced how the world around me responds to me when I am in alignment. The life I live is the life that is a direct response to me and the thoughts I put out. I have felt it, witnessed it, and rejoiced in it. I understand how life works, and I did that through my own deeply personal journey.

We are all Souls, all Divine Sparks of the ONE, regardless of what world we come from. Our form may differ, but our essence does not.