Alignment amidst chaos


How do we keep in alignment when all around us seems very out of alignment

I wish there was an easy, and respectful answer to that … but the fact is that after the terrorist shooting in Christchurch, if I were to say, just choose to be in alignment, focus on things to appreciate, that sounds very disrespectful to those who have been killed, and to their families. And so … I will try to find other words to convey a way to get back into alignment with Source/Universal Consciousness …

The easiest way for you to retain, or regain, your alignment with Source/Universal Consciousness, is—since it feels so wrong to even be able to appreciate a flower, a smell, a sight—to love the people in your life, and your animals too.

The terrorist attack, the deaths, the fear, the mourning…it brought with it a coming together, it united, we all came together to support the victims, their families, the Moslem Community. We stood—and still stand—as one people. So many flowers, teddy bears, cards, were laid as gestures of support and respect, the sea of flowers deepening every day. In all of this, people united in their grief, in their love of their community and their nation.

So we take that love, and we take that willingness to stand by those in grief, and we close our eyes and we feel that love that we send out to the victims families, we feel how it feels in our hearts, and we then think about our own family, and those we love, and we love them even more, and we feel that love in our heart centre as well. I think that for many, the problem is that we feel guilty feeling anything good when there are people in such pain, but we must allow ourselves to honour what it is we are feeling. And the greatest benefit we can be to this world, is to hold that love, and to feel it when we feel it, and to feel it as often as we can. For that vibration helps to ease the pain. A high vibration can effect the collective vibration.

When we step back and look at the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Christchurch, we can acknowledge that we did not descend into anger and rage, and start looting and smashing. Instead, we came together, we laid flowers, we shed tears, we stood in support. A nation grieved. We united in support and love. We chose a positive response. We chose an uplifting response.

Let’s take it a step further and continue to hold this feeling of collective support, and let’s feel our own love for our family and friends, without feeling guilty for feeling happy, loved, and joyous. Let there be no guilt, no ‘How can I feel happy, when others are in grief?’ You can because it is your truth. You cannot live their grief as if it were your own, because that is their truth at this time, but it is not yours. Allow yourself to see and feel clearly where your truth is. Let it be the one in which you can appreciate your family, and friends, and all the blessings in your life. This is your truth. Look at your own truth, look at your own life.

Allow what has happened to make us all appreciate the people in our life. Make it a daily thing to let those your love know that they are loved, be it through saying ‘I love you’ or through small acts such as making them a cup of tea, baking a cake, buying their favourite treat, taking them to a movie, cleaning the kitchen, anything that would be appreciated by them and make their workload a little lighter.