The gifts our animals bring

Sabi and Axel ..I have been thinking about this a lot lately.

Animals come with gifts that, when we open our heart to them, will support us in going higher in our own spiritual expansion.

A cat or a dog, indeed any animal, is not a commodity to be bought and sold (like a slave), nor is it a being to be played with as a baby, and then fed, housed, but basically ignored once it has lost that baby cuteness. No … when we do that we miss out on the true gift they hold for us, the gift God/Source Energy/Universal Consciousness placed within each one, to be shared, but shared only with those whose hearts opened to the gift.

Is the gift love? Yes, but there is more to it than that. The love, when it is pure, unconditional, deep, soul to soul … takes us into a new level of communication and … it can then assist us in a step towards, if not all the way to the Divine, the Heart of God/Source Energy.

When we sit with this purity of love … it elevates. It beautifies everything!!!

How many people do we know who love the puppy and then tolerate the adult dog? How many feed them, maybe take them for a walk once or twice a week, but do not really interact with, play with, cuddle, hug, groom, or talk to their canine companion? How many feel the dog respond? And how many cats get fed and ignored? How many people talk to their cat, groom them, cuddle them, sit with them, sleep with them on the bed, cradle them into their heart space? And, again, how many people feel the cat respond?

There is a level of animal companion that most people miss, because they just don’t understand. They think, in their society taught ignorance, that animals are dumb. Oh, my dear, they are not dumb, they are wise, and they read energy and people, and they carry so much to share with us, if we will just let go of our ego, our arrogance, our misunderstanding, and sit with them, be with them, love them, honour them, respect them, listen, watch, observe, understand, study, learn from.

Yes, of course they also have typical animal traits, barking at people, getting excited at meeting new people, scratching furniture, jumping on stuff, digging. They are still cats and dogs etc, with their natural instincts. But, yes, they do carry great gifts wrapped up in that furry little animal package. (I may be talking mostly of dogs and cats, but it applies to all animals). You have to learn how to get to it. And both you and they have to learn how to unfurl all the binds around it, so that you are both in a state of being, a vibration, where it is revealed to you both. The relationship you build with them is paramount. The respect you have for each other is vital. The unconditional and deep love you have for each other is essential.

It is within the deepest unconditional love, and the most implicit trust … and this must go both ways … that the gift will open to you both, to cat and human, to dog and human to horse and human … etc.

What that gift will be, is individual to you both. There is a reason you chose each other, or a reason you came together as companions. Sometimes a cat walks across your lawn, in the open door, and into your lives, because it is meant to be. Sometimes a dog needs a new home, because it is meant to be. Sometimes there is a kitten, a puppy, a pony that you fall in love with, because you already feel that connection.

It is within the most profoundly deep, unconditional love that magic happens!

Do I know this for real? Have I experienced it? Yes. And yes. And it was gift I could never have dreamed of—but it is deeply personal, unique to my own journey, and so I will not share it.

Please open your heart to the magic that your animal companions bring to you.

Look deep into their eyes,
and see God looking back at you.