Our thoughts have GREAT power

I have great concern over the responsibility we take for the power of our thoughts. An acquaintance told me something that ‘spirit’ had told him would happen, and that Covid had merely been the minor event and that far worse was to come. Initially I felt fear … and then I began to understand and to see how easy it is to manipulate people, to influence their thinking.

My understanding is this: if you tell me a terrible thing is coming, and I believe you, and add that belief into the cosmos, I, as a powerful being, put things into motion. And then when it happens it is not that it was destined to happen, but rather that it happened because I believed it would. 

It is NOT seeing is believing, but believing is seeing.

In my belief I set things in powerful motion.

In my thoughts I think things into motion, but the more powerful my belief, the more powerful the outcome.

And so … since our thoughts create … what is a great way to destroy the world? Tell people it will happen, and is underway, and terrible things are coming. Instil fear. But that is not the work of the Light, of the higher vibration, that is the manipulation of low vibration negative energy.

How would the Light, the Positive Energy, the Loving Energy express things? Likely we would be told that we can have the joy and love we desire, if only we believe it. That there is sustainable energy, that it is already here and we need only embrace that knowledge and focus on it. That the world is healing and clearing as we speak, and to simply smile and add our love to that energy. That Covid gave us the opportunity to see, when we were able to sit back and stay at home, how the earth can heal and cleanse herself. We saw that beginning to happen. We had the opportunity to take time to contemplate, meditate, and find a better way of living. It was not the appetiser of terrible things, it was a gift, but it came at the cost of many lives, and much grief also, and so I do not make light of any of that, nor diminish a person’s sorrow. I simply look into it to see what we can learn. In all situations: what can we learn? 

If we use every opportunity to grow, then grow we will!

Covid was not the minor thing of worse yet to come, it was a wake up call! And what we choose to do with that is up to each and every one of us.

Every decision you make is your decision, and your responsibility. Recycling, using sustainable products, buying with consideration and care for all life … it is your decision and your responsibility. Each of us has our part to play, and collectively we change the world when we make better collective choices. What the corporations do is the collective choice of their executives and owners and they too need to make better choices, and it is their responsibility if they do not (and also their personal karma).

When our conscience is considered of value, when we can no longer make choices that do not sit well with our conscience, then we are on a fast road to change.

But … back to our thoughts … If you tell me a dreadful thing is going to happen, then shame on you from not comprehending the power of our thoughts. There is so much karma being played out in the world and on the world stage, and once karma is set in motion it cannot be stopped or wiped out. Things are coming out into the open and being exposed. This has always been the case, but we live in an era of vast social media, cell phones, etc, and so it is in our face so much of the time, to the degree that it seems overwhelming. But, do you stop to consider that very good news and wonderful things seldom ever make the news? Does that mean that wonderful things are not happening? No, they are, but media does not see value in it. They want emotional responses, they want to shock and horrify people, and so they report and post only that which will shock and horrify!

People are quick to anger, and slow to joy. People are quick to scream outrage, and slow to say ‘well done, you!’  

How about we alter this distortion and focus on that which is beautiful and good. For one week, focus every day on that which is beautiful joyous, good, wonderful. And then when you make it through one week, re-assess, and then commit to two more weeks. And then at the end of that re-assess again … and I assure you that you will be feeling much better, and much happier! It is the power of thought, of focus.

I do not see a world beseeched by danger, I see a world of magical opportunity, and I see myself as having the ability to add my love and power to the beauty that already fills our world. I believe in the grace, love, and joy of this world, I believe that we are all divine beings, and as such … we are the ones creating this world. We are the ones creating it in every moment.

And so … it is very simple to see the way forward, isn’t it? Our thoughts, our beliefs, our faith. 

Think it into being. That sounds so simplistic … but when you combine that with complete faith, then you will see that it is true. Complete faith.

All of life is consciousness communicating with itself. 

To me … the way forward is simple. From my view, at my current frequency, my current vibrational level … it is very simple, and I see it clearly.

My job is not to persuade you, I am merely sharing … so that you may think upon it …