Chalice … birthed into the world

It has been quite a journey from decision to self publish to actually having the books in my hands. And like a proud mother, I am very excited to share her with the world.

My gift to you is Chalice.
Chalice’s gift to me is the understanding of what I, as a writer, am doing.

As a writer, I work with three core principles: Self discovery, through story. Self expansion, through journey. Transformation, through experience.

For as much as Chalice may change you, she changed me too. She is the beginning of a new journey… my first venture into the world, the first time I will attend the Christchurch Body Mind Spirit Festival promoting my work, and the first time I will stand up and give a talk about the parallels between fiction and reality…where they cross over and where they merge—Writing as a way of Connecting to Self.

Where to from there … I can’t answer that, because I haven’t a clue where life will take me, what life will bring to my door. And do you know what? That’s all perfect. I don’t need to know. All that is asked of me is to live from my heart. And I say to my Soul, ‘I know you have plans for me, and I trust you.’

For a long time I knew myself as a writer. Then it was pointed out to me that I am more than that. A new journey began as I sat with that, and stepped out of the comfort of being ‘just a writer’ and into my truth of being an ‘Author and Self Awareness Teacher’. It’s actually a bit of a big deal for me to admit to that! ‘Author and Self Awareness Teacher’. Did even saying that to myself put me under pressure? Funny thing was, there was a voice within me that said ‘Yes’ in the clearest calmest voice. ‘This is who you are, this is who you have always been.’

So, here I am, Robyn M Speed, Writer and Self Awareness Teacher. Through the written word, and the spoken word, it is my joy is to share how story can lead us to Self.

The power of the word, be it written or spoken, is tangible, and once one understands the power of the word, one is under a responsibility to oneself to use words deliberately, consciously, and with great care. It is my intent that when I sit down to write, that my love, my voice, my heart flow through every word, that the reader feels my love, and hears my voice, in every word, that we connect through each word.

Why did I write Chalice? Because she wanted her story told, in fact, she was pretty insistent. As much as I had formulated a plan for the novel, she had a different plan, and as soon as I started, she took me off on a journey that I could barely keep up with. I hung on to Chalice, let her lead me through her story, and she taught me so much. I am incredibly, and forever grateful to Chalice for the journey she took me on.