Choose how you want to feel, and BE IT!

It has been an incredible time for me lately. The growing awareness of universal principles of life that have been revealing themselves to me with such clarity.

So often I, like many other people, have ‘wanted’ this or that, and have waited for it. I speak of things as simple as being in a state of love, or gratitude, or joy, and always I was putting my love outside of myself, wanting love to come to me rather than understanding that it needed to come from within me. Waiting for things to be grateful for, instead of simply being grateful for all I have. Waiting for something to happen to put me in a state of joy, instead of simply being in a state of joy.

So what changed?

Awareness. Understanding.

One day something happened, and I cannot even remember what it was, but I was in a state of joy, and loving what I was doing, and loving the people … and the more I felt joy, the more I was in joy. I was so grateful to be in joy, and as my joy had bubbled over, so did gratitude begin to bubble over and fill my life.

I went away for a weekend to a spiritual seminar, and was with ‘my own kind of people’, and with friends, and then the day after that my friends I spend the day together. We went out for ice-creams, for lunch, we walked, we talked, we laughed, we went to see a movie, then went and had shared food for dinner. All day long we laughed, joked, teased, played, giggled, and loved.

And so, that is all the energy I have been in ever since.

What I learnt, and observed, was, the more I remained in that energy of love, gratitude, and joy, the more life gave me to be in a state of love, gratitude and joy about.

And now, I understand that there is no ‘waiting’ for something to happen, there is simply the choice to look at life and see what there is to love, what there is to be grateful for, and what there is to be joyful about, and then from that: just feel it! Be it. Exude it.

There is no waiting for something or someone … it is all within us … waiting for us to embrace it.

So, today, my friends, how about you just look at your life, and really see what there is to be in a state of love about, what there is to be in a state of gratitude about, what there is to be in a state of joy about.

When you are in the energy of all of that, the Universe will respond by giving you that which resonates to what you are feeling.

It is a very simple principle, and yet it is one that can make a big difference in your life. Try it …