Axel is my equal

Today Axel and I went for a walk in a wide open space in the cityRed zone4.

On the 5 metre lead Axel was having a great time! He could head off there and sniff, and then over there, and then back to me, and then over there, and here, and there again. We even had a bit of a jog around together and each time I changed direction he came with me. He was paying attention to what I was doing and where I was going, and I was paying attention to him to make sure each turn was easy and no strain on his joints or body. It was fun!

I saw one other dog at a distance, so we headed in a different direction.

The walk is about allowing Axel to use his senses, to sniff and follow, and find. It is not about the distance we walk … in fact, I now consider any walk a great walk if he has been spending a lot of time sniffing! If we have walked along the pavement and he has not sniffed much, then I feel like it has not been a fulfilling walk for him.

A dog does not just need exercise, he needs the opportunity to use his senses.Red zone5

And I also had a realisation about Axel. One of the things I had thought I would like to do with Axel one day, is train him to be a therapy dog. Then I realised that in the shop where I work, he already does uplift many a person’s day! His presence, his happiness, his delight in people, seems to bring a smile to many faces. So, in effect, he is already acting in a capacity as a bit of a therapy dog.

Axel is not here to fill a void in my life. He is here because it is time for he and I to begin a journey together. This is not just some little animal in need of a home and a carer. He is a spiritual being. And he, like every other animal, has deep gifts within him. Treated right, supported, loved, and assisted to a higher vibration (unavoidable when he hangs out on my energy field) will help to support and open those gifts. The same applies to my cat, Panther. I am not being arrogant in saying my energy field will assist, I am expressing my own commitment to my own journey, and to raising my vibration as high as I can. Only through doing that can I truly have a positive effect in the world. One frequency, changing, changes everything, and given that I am a unique being—something that is frequently affirmed—I can indeed have an effect.

In being very true to who I am, and also being that in my relationship with Axel and Panther, I assist and support them in being true to who they are. They are expressions of Source Energy, of Universal Consciousness, of God.

Our care of our fellow beings is carefully observed by the Universe. When we ignore a hungry animal, knowing we could give it food, that is measured. When we are cruel to an animal, that is measured. When we are loving and kind to an animal, that is measured. When we kill and animal, that is measured. When we burn down their homes so that we can farm the land in order to make more money, that is measured. When we farm the land in a way that allows the life around to also have space, that too is measured. When we are kind to one another, human to human, that is measured. When we help a fellow human being in need, that is measured. When we uplift the fallen, that is measured.

Every act is measured. And the balancing of that measure is in accordance with the severity of our actions. You have been warned.

My commitment to Axel, and to Panther, is to give them my love, my support, my encouragement, my friendship, and my protection—though they seem to feel they are better qualified to protect me!—so that we can each be the greatest version of ourselves. If I merely feed and house them, that does not assist them to reach their potential, and that is a disservice to both them and I. I do not underestimate them. They are not lesser than me. We are equals. Their potential is as magnificent as my own. Don’t believe me? Then I suggest you keep watching … I will prove it to you!

Red zone3