Soul & the Art of Writing – First public talk

On Saturday 12th March I gave a talk on Soul & the Art of Writing – Where they meet and where they dance.

I am not going to brag…but…I totally rocked that talk! I was ‘on fire’. Why? Because I was in my passion, speaking from my heart and soul.

It was a beautiful experience to look into the eyes of those I was walking to and see so many ‘lights’ turning on, so many understandings reaching home. What a gift to me to witness that.

As a writer, words are the energies I work with in creating story in order to share, teach and inspire another on their own unique path.

Soul & the Art of Writing is a way of bringing closer communication with deeper wisdom. My own understanding of this pioneering work, and how I convey it, expanded over the weekend. Now I can take that expanded understanding forward—as I plan to give more talks and to take this work deeper and further. Where? The universe will let me know!

I knew that that weekend was going to be a turning point in my life in many ways, and it was. The weekend—most notably, that talk—took me into a place within myself that I have never spoken from before. And in every conversation I shared with another, I was speaking from that same place.

I had thought I was there just to promote and sell my novel, Chalice. The universe had a different plan, a much bigger plan for me.

My life changed on the weekend.

I changed on the weekend.