In words …

In words, I find myself.

Why? How?

I told a person once that ‘I am a Communicator’, and I did not mean that I like to talk talk talk (even though I am well known for it), rather that I am a cosmic communicator from the vast expanse of myself. Since childhood I have loved to write, because that was the way I accessed the wisdom that waited for me. I was not channelling anything, I was accessing I.

What does it mean to be a communicator? It means simply that if I am talking with you, and I am in my ‘flow’, that I will know what to say. It means that when I am writing, I will be given what to write, the ideas and insights will simply come forth. From where? From the totality of I – of who I am, from the beginning of time to the end of time, the all that I am, every lineage, every lifetime lived anywhere.

One of the greatest things I treasure, is peace and quiet. I don’t like lots of noise. I like peace and quiet. I like to sit in the sun and just ‘be’, no thoughts, no ‘doing’, just ‘being’. I like to take time to feel myself in my own flow. (This does not mean I do not sometimes play music very loudly!)

I am not a leader. I don’t want to be. I would rather walk with people to find their own truth. We are each unique, and there is no one size fits all. I would rather walk beside you, sit beside you, and just ‘be’ present.

My frequency is also who I am. It sings forth from my heart—better when I am in a good space, not so great when I am not. And yes, I have my times of struggle too—though I am very good at hiding it so that no one sees, as I know I need to deal with it in my own way without the energy of another. That is something I have got better at over time, the knowing when I need to take some time and look at what is rising. There was a time when something reared up and I took no responsibility for it. And now I know that every thing I feel, is mine to own. If I am sad, it is mine to own and understand. It I am joyous, it is mine to own and understand.

If I am with you I am communicating with you verbally, and also with my frequency and energy, and on a Soul level as well. And beyond all of that, I am also pulling in the vastness of I like tendrils of light, for these days I am never just me—wherever there is a part of I there is the all of I. Why? Why not? In order to make a difference one cannot do what one has always done, one sometimes needs to try something new. How big a difference can it make? I won’t know that until I have done it.

As I witness the way the world responds to me I see how I create my world, and so my truth and understanding is shown to me over and over again. The world is a proving ground for cosmic principles.

Why am I here? To try and prove many things. What things? I don’t know. I will know them when they come to me. I try to be open to life. I try to ’live in my own flow’.

My intention is that I show, through active example, through demonstration, how to live and create, and I also plan to continue to anchor my frequency here, because that sonic has an effect and a change. The higher I go, they higher we all go. That is a simple truth. One single moment of simple pure love, changes the frequency of everything everywhere.

In the past I have tried to make a plan of what I want to do and when and how, but life has other plans and so stuff comes up, people appear, opportunities arrive, not at my bidding, but because my frequency attracted them to me. You see … my frequency is my attraction point. Life will always respond to that, not to my mind, not to my fear.

I do not know what life will bring … I do not need to know … I just need to trust. And to breathe.


Close my eyes

And just breathe…