May my words soothe, and my love heal …

Though we may often see the beauty of this world, there is also much to see that is not beautiful

Though we may often feel the joy of this world, there is also much to feel that is not joyful

Though we may often hear the beautiful sounds of this world, there is also much to hear that is not beautiful

I cannot change this for you.

It is your gentleness that sees and feels and hears … and I would rather you were true with what you felt, and not oblivious, nor ignoring of the many places in need of love, nurturing, and healing 

All I can offer you is my love in support of you, my kind words to sooth you, and my smile to lighten you

I will do all I can to help ease this world for you

And I hope that soon we can all do this for each other …


So often we look at another person and think they have all things sorted, and our assumptions are often incorrect. You cannot see the pain of another unless they show it to you.

So often we truly hide who we are, and how we cope with this world. For many of you … I truly wish I could take your pain away … but I can’t. All I can offer you is my love, my steadfastness, and my sense of humour!

It is often so difficult to be a ‘being of love’ in this world, a world where love seems so undervalued, and possessions and power highly valued. It often feels like a world that has everything backwards. And there are some people who do have everything backwards, but there are many more who have it the right way round. That number is growing.

That is what I want you to know … that number is growing … and so the world is changing in response to that.

What I want to say to you is: Don’t give up hope?

We are all doing the best that we can, and for many we are giving all that we have to give of ourself, in every moment, to try and make this world a more beautiful place in every possible way.

Don’t give up hope?

I, as just one person, will do all I can to bring as much love and joy into this world as I possibly can, through each and every interaction with another. I am just one person, but there are many many more who are loving and gentle and kind.

How do you meet these people? You must resonate with them, which means that if you can get yourself into that space of love and joy, you will become a magnetic attraction point. You will, I must admit, also meet people who want what you have to offer, who have a need of the peace you have to share, or the listening ear! You will develop discernment over how much you interact with some people.

If you live your life at the level of irritation and resentment, you will attract from that level. If you want to attract a beautiful peaceful person, filled with love and serenity, you cannot possibly attract them from the level of irritation and resentment—you will merely attracts what continues to cause irritation and resentment.

Think of the kind of person who you want in your life, and then become that yourself.

There truly is only one way to change the world, and that is from the inside out. That is why deep personal work is so important. And it is also why there are so many beings in this world who feel uncomfortable, who feel they are in the wrong world … they have simply forgotten that they came here to help, from the inside out. True change happens on the inside, and is reflected into the outside. It is vital that those of us who are ‘awake’ (for lack of a better word) support each other.

Does this world make sense? Many a day, no! Can we change it and make it make sense? Yes, from the inside out! From the inner work we do, and from the life we live.

I don’t need to make grand gestures, and hold massive seminars and retreats, and go on Oprah—though I am not opposed to such things—I see the way I live and ‘be’ in this world as my way of changing things. (And I will write books to heal, inspire, motivate, and share with you.) You see, the mistake we often make is believing that to make a difference we have to get out there and be world teacher and a world leader, and give talks and lectures here and there … and yes, that is great and good, but it is not for us all. If it happens, it happens. It does not make any difference to the frequency I bring into this world, to the frequency I hold, raise, and emanate.

It is my intention to be the highest frequency that I can, to always look at my growth, my path, my responses, my joys, my tears, and to understand the being that I am, for I am a constant work in progress. I have witnessed how my beautiful frequency attracts beautiful people into my life.

The more I witness my world responding to me, the more I realize that my world is my responsibility. What do I desire to create? Mayhem? Chaos? Irritation? Resentment? No. None of these. I desire to create love, serenity, sacredness. I desire to live as a Temple of Sacred Loving Energy. And thus, I change the world around me, for the world has no choice but to respond to my frequency…