That which is not light is DEFINED by the light

People say we are made up of the dark and the light.


People say we must embrace both sides, and that to be whole, we cannot be just one, to be balanced we must be both.

Tell me … if you set a bright light down in an empty dark room, could that light create shadows? Or would that light illuminate the room?

The only way shadows and darkness can be created within that room is if there are objects within that room that block the light.

Perhaps those objects were not even noticed when the room was dark, and are only now noticed because there is light. Do you pretend they are not there, or do you wander over and have a good look at them to see what they are? Likely you will have a look!

People talk of the Light of I AM, the Light of God (call it what you will) and it is, so they say, the brightest light, so bright it is blinding. There is no darkness within that Light of I AM. It is pure light, pure consciousness. It is the Purity of Essence.

We talk about other beings with Light Bodies, we talk about Orbs of Light, we talk about Light Beings. We don’t talk with such fondness of Beings of Dark! (And that is, of course, a judgment, because we have been taught to believe that darkness is bad, when in actual fact it just is.)

What is Light, but that which illuminates all things? Nothing is hidden within the Light. Light illuminates everything.

Now, I would like to clarify that this is all my own perspective and I am not trying to persuade anyone of anything. I am simply sharing my perspective. Everyone is free to embrace whatever they choose to embrace. We are not all walking the same journey. For me, I seek understanding, and I love to write, so I share with you here! I’m no guru, I’m no leader. I’m just someone walking their unique journey who desires to share with you. Please, always follow your own path.

Back to the light … When shadows are revealed, it is because there is an object obstructing the flow of light. If flow of light/frequency is obstructed/affected, then perhaps we could look at the object, and understand it. I am in no way saying the object is a bad thing, I am simply suggesting that sometimes we can, if we want to, have a look at it, see what it is, see what it is made of, where it comes from, how longs it’s been there. And then we can ask ourself: Does it still need to be there? Is it something we, in our understanding of it, can now let go? Have we healed it, if indeed it was something that needed healing? Do we choose to keep it, or do we let it go? It’s our choice what to do.

If I think about where I am, and how I live, and consider how I would like to live and feel and be, and I declare that to the universe, then the natural result will be that the universe will show me my own obstacles. The objects that are blocking my path from where I am to where I desire to be, will be shown to me. It is as if I shone a torch along the pathway and those objects and obstacles were suddenly lit up and creating shadows, they are being defined by the light. If I look at them closely, and understand them, and can clear them from my pathway, then I have a clear path to walk. If I ignore them, knowing they are preventing me from advancing on that journey, then I am declaring that I am not very sincere about my journey!

People talk about embracing our own darkness. That we must be dark and light to be balanced. I want to say “bollocks”, but I won’t. I am being really judgemental here, and it is only because my viewpoint is so different!!! I see the dark as the result of objects in the way of the light. I see them as objects to look at and understand. If I am to shine a light unto the world, I cannot be shining dark unto the world. If I am to walk into the room as a light, I cannot walk into the room as the darkness too!

The Light of I AM, the I AM Consciousness does not have polarities!!! It does not need polarities. It is us on our journey since we left the I AM Consciousness eons ago who have used the concept of polarities in order to learn who we are and what we are. To know that we are love, we must know what it is to be hateful. To know that we are kind, we must know what it is to be unkind. To know that we are caring, we must know what it is to be uncaring.

Fact is, we no longer need the polarities. We don’t need to be polarities. I don’t need to temper my love with rage or fear, I can be a loving being all the time, if that is my choice and my desire!

I can be light, without darkness, so long as there is nothing within me to obstruct the light. Obstructed light reveals only that which is not the light. For if it is the light, then it will be of the same frequency as the light, and all will be that light, just one beautiful light. It shows consistency of frequency. (I am not saying I am there yet, but this is a part of my journey.)

If I am at the frequency of pure love, then I am a frequency and vibration of that. If there are any objects revealing themselves then they are being revealed because they are different! They are showing up because they are being highlighted by the frequency of love! Anything that is of the same frequency as love will not show up, because it will be a part of the frequency.