Within myself there is a key

Sitting with my thoughts ...

Sitting with my thoughts …

Within myself there is a key … it resides in a simple place. It resides within my heart. And when I pick that key up and open the door to my Self, to my Soul, the first step is taken upon a journey of knowing who I am.

I have run in circles for years, looking for … for what? I never knew. Sometimes it is only in the finding that ones knows what one was seeking.

And so, I found the key, where I had left it, with a note: use wisely, and walk with kindness always.

I journey through this life … where once it was with enthusiasm, now it is with quiet grace, perhaps even silent grace.

Once upon a time I wanted to make my mark on the world … now I want to touch hearts and heal them, perhaps with silent grace.

I have seen the unjustness and the unkindness in the lives of others … and all I want is to accept them, to love them, to be the gift of extraordinary kindness.

And if I sit, in silent grace, in my garden, alone … I will do all I can to heal the world, the hearts, the minds, the bodies, of all. For I began to heal myself, when a pain broke me open, so that I could understand. You cannot understand healing if you have never had to heal. You cannot understand pain, if you have never felt pain. You cannot understand love, if you have never been in love. You cannot understand joy, if you have never laid in the arms of one you truly love.

There is only the journey, that helps us to understand ourselves … and as we come to understand ourselves, we can finally heal and love…and love…and love.

Pain exists only where there was great love. And the truth of this is: there is only great love. That is the stardust we are made of.

True love is the absence of fear. It is not that there is nothing to fear … it is that the risk is worth everything. And sometimes there are some things, or some people, who are worth risking it all for. Truly … risk it all, with no fear.

If I get hurt, I get hurt. If I die, I die. But … no one can say I never lived.