A tiny divine spark …

Spark of lightA tiny Divine Spark has created the most beautiful, and complicated, cosmos.

A tiny Divine Spark has created chaos and order.

A tiny Divine Spark has created joy and grief.

It was not created by the Original Source, by the Universal Consciousness of I AM … It was created by the sparks. It was created by you all of you.

You cannot rail against a God for all that has been done to you, when it is all of your own creation. Collectively or individually, you created all that you live through and live within.

A tiny Divine Spark … you created it all. So, undo that with which you are not happy.

However … it is not so much to undo the creation, as to understand the creation of it, and the how to undo your reponse to it all so that you learn how to change the creation, replace it with something new.

This is where humanity has it wrong. You all look outside of yourself and blame everything on everyone else. You even blame God—which in itself is funny, since you all are the sparks that make up God… which I guess is correct, in a way, because you are responsible, so yes, go ahead and blame yourself.

So, in the fabric of creation, there are may strands, each one an interwoven concept, thought, understanding, misconception and disillusion! Sometimes the tapestry is not beautiful. But, through the understanding of what you find beautiful and what you find not beautiful, you are defining what it is you desire to create. So, by a process of experience and understanding, you are coming to know who you are and what resonates with you.

It is very easy to blame everything on everyone else, because that absolves you of all responsibility.