Appreciate your way into feeling better



Have you ever noticed that when you are in a very good space, happy, filled with love, that life flows so much more smoothly? That good things keep happening?

Have you ever noticed that when you are not in a good space, when you are angry, highly critical, bitter and resentful, that stuff keeps coming up to keep you in that space and in that feeling? Have you noticed that crappy things keep happening?

Why do you suppose that is …

It is the frequency you are holding and sticking to like glue! You hold on to something you don’t want and are surprised because the same stuff keeps coming up. It keeps coming up because you are magnetising it to you!

So, take a step. Change that which you are focussing on. Choose to focus on feeling good. Notice I did not say ‘choose to focus on that which you want’ because then you would focus on having lots of money, on the ‘idea of having lots of money’ and it is not the object you need to focus on it is the feeling that you are wanting that object to bring into your life that you need to be focussing on.

Focus on how you want to feel, and be in the frequency of that. Each time you catch yourself out of that feeling, come back to it.

It is our frequency which attracts our life to us, be that opportunity, people, situations. Frequency is our calling card into every moment of life, and that frequency changes, but we can have an input on that frequency, by choosing how we want to feel.

The things we focus on play a huge part in our frequency. If you were always focussing on ‘I wish I had more money, I am so tired of struggling to pay my bills’ then you will continue to be in that frequency because you are creating that frequency with your thoughts: the frequency of ‘I wish I had more money, I am so tired of struggling to pay my bills.’ You will continue to be in that frequency until you make a change.

How can you change this? Focus on ‘I am so happy with the opportunities that come to me when I am feeling really good about life!’ Focus on how you want to feel!

There are so many things that happen in our daily life that we pay little attention to, and yet they have an effect on our frequency, and so if we begin to do every task with sacredness and appreciation, our frequency will be affected. We will reach the end of the day and feel really good about our day. For example: making a cup of tea is a sacred experience. Drinking the tea is a sacred experience. Appreciating the tea is a sacred experience. And in that sacredness and appreciation we have a higher frequency.

Instead of looking at things as chores to be rushed through and disliking the chores, and hating that you have to do it, and resenting that someone else doesn’t do it, just do it with sacredness. Appreciate cleaning the toilet, because you enjoy having a toilet! Appreciate cleaning the freezer because it keeps your food frozen until you want it, and so it makes your life easier. Appreciation. Sacredness. These are very simple ways to have an impact of the frequency you hold.

How do you want to feel this day? Feel it … just feel it

It is not the outside world dictating your frequency, it is you deciding on your frequency … but so often you do that unconsciously.

It is time to be consciously aware of the frequency that we hold, and continue to raise it. Start with appreciation … and see how you are feeling in one week, in two weeks … see and experience the change.