We ARE worthy of joy and love



Why, so often, do we feel unworthy of love?

Why, so often, when something amazing comes along, do we buy into ‘its too good to be true, and I know its not going to last’?

Why do we buy into, ‘this is too good, and I don’t deserve it’?

We do we find it so hard to accept that another person could truly love us?

Why do we find it so hard to believe that we are truly loveable?

This kinda breaks my heart a little. Because I see how beautiful people are.

Anne with the most incredible kindness.
Alex with the most incredible eyes.
Tania with the most incredible energy.
Craig with the most incredible smile.
Janine with the most incredible laughter.
Andrew with the most incredible tenderness.
Lisa with the most incredible heart.
Jim with the most incredible gentle spirit.
Noreen with the most incredible generosity.
Yvonne with the most incredible gentleness of heart.

I see and feel so much in each of you, and each thing I see is like a window into your soul. I so often wish that you could see yourself, and feel yourself, through my eyes, my heart, my energy. Maybe then you would know how worthy you are, how amazing you are.

Sometimes I feel so sad because I see such pain in people, in their eyes, the way they walk, the look on their face. I want to make it all better, show them who they are. But it is a journey of self knowing that we must each walk on our own

So often people look upon life as such suffering. In fact, people believe that ‘life is suffering’ and that’s not true. Life is joyous. Choose people who make you feel joyous. Choose people who love you. Choose to accept that love. Choose to accept kindness. Choose to be happy. Choose to focus your thoughts on happiness, on joy, on love, on being loved.

I have been told that I don’t need anyone. And that’s true. I don’t need anyone. But it is my intrinsic nature to love, and so, I want a person to love, and I want to receive that love back in a beautiful flow, for that is what love is, it is beautiful flowing energy.

Fear interrupts that flow. Lack of self worth interrupts that flow. If we had no fear, if we knew how wonderful we were, we would know that everything that came to us was perfect, and that there is no ‘too good to be true’ there just ‘is’ what has presented to us.

I understand that many are so afraid of getting hurt. I understand what it is to hurt, but I also understand what it is to simply embrace what life has gifted me, for all that it is, and not muddy it with my thoughts and fears. I embrace it.

Life brings us many gifts, in accordance with our energy, and our focus … and they come as treasures. Every moment, and every gift offers us something.

If you could see how beautiful you are, you would never live a moment in unworthiness. You would know that you are worthy of great joy, and the greatest most beautiful love, and you would walk through life with a smile on your face!

So…smile. Know how fabulous you are! Know how kind and caring you are! Know how loving and gentle you are!