Love is the greatest alchemical energy


Love is the greatest energy, it is the alchemical energy.

Love changes things, it heals, opens up, and nourishes.

So how is it that so often you allow fear to rule you, rather than letting love fill you?

Trace it all the way back, and you will likely find an incident in which you did not feel loved. From that, perhaps, you decided you were unlovable, that there was something wrong with you. The more you met people who did not love you, and the more you faced situations in which you felt unloved, the more that ‘I am not loveable ’ belief grew.

You may become so afraid of being hurt, from the repeating pattern of being hurt, that you find yourself too scared to open up your heart. “I might get horribly hurt” you tell yourself, and you are so scared of that happening. And so, you play it safe, and you don’t take any risks. You will not risk being hurt. You decide that you will keep yourself safe!

But … the heart is meant to be open. If your heart chakra is closed, if it is ‘on lockdown’ you cannot have the energy flowing through all of your chakras properly. The flow is not able to happen … and it is a flow, up and down, and round, and fluid, and moving, and dancing, and if there is a ‘lock down’ then there cannot be proper and easy flow. Perhaps you are part way there, opening the heart and then closing it again, and open and closed, and fear and love and love and fear … on and on.

Sooner or later your body is going to demand healing. Sooner or later that which you have not faced, dealt with, sat with, will come forth, in waves, relentlessly, until you are forced to face it. Your very foundations of your life may be changed. You will be forced—as a result of your inaction—to take action.

When we supress things, there is an energetic consequence, that eventually manifests in the physical body. That is not to say it is okay to scream and shout and abuse other people, it simply means that a way needs to be found of speaking up, with gentleness, compassion, grace, and love. Expressing ourself, even to someone who does not want to listen, can be done with ease and grace. Remember that the energy you are in as you speak is going to play a big part. To be in a space of ease and grace, and to speak gently and with love, and to hold that energy and not be moved from it by anyone else’s reactions, is the best way to move forward.

Sometimes we have to allow life to change, and it is a bit like a river, forging a new branch of flow where there had not previously been one, and so, we flow in a new direction, allowing ourself to go with the flow.

Yes, the river we know is the river we know, and so there is comfort in that knowing. But, when we take that risk, take that first step—and I honour your bravery and for taking that step—then the unknown becomes the known. We settle into a new flow.

The unhealed parts of you will hold you back. They are the weights that prevent your vibration rising. A higher vibration accesses greater wisdom. The more you heal, the higher your vibration is able to rise, and the more innate wisdom you access. All wisdom is already within you, a part of you, for you are a part of the Universal Consciousness, but it is frequency which is the access. So long as there are any unhealed parts of you, you are limited in how much wisdom you can access, in how high your vibration can go.

So … learn to truly love who you are, as you are. We are all works in progress, and there is not a destination there is only the journey. Close your eyes and feel your heart space. And if you cannot, please spend time appreciating all the little things around you. One by one … and you will find you start to feel a little bit better. Don’t worry if it takes several days of appreciating the little things around you, and then the big things, for you will come into loving alignment with yourself, with Source Energy, and you will feel better. When you are in that space, sit with that feeling. Let your own love, and the love of the cosmos flow through you, for you are a part of the endless river of life … you are no different to me, or to the sky, we are all a part of everything.


I hope that I have given you something to think about