Let us heal our fractured society

We have lost our sense ‘village’.IMG_0787

There was a time when we lived in small villages, and supported each other, took care of each other, shared with each other.

And now it is

  • selfishness
  • self focus
  • take as much as I can get for myself
  • I don’t want to get involved
  • oh that is uncomfortable so I will look away
  • I don’t want to share
  • I don’t want to have to help you

Where once we supported and helped, and the village was one big extended family, now we are fragmented. We talk to people overseas via computers, but not to people in the same room. We judge people instead of supporting them. We turn away, instead of offering help. We find the pain of another person uncomfortable.

I believe this needs to all change. I believe we should be sharing what we have.

There is no lack in the world, there is greed and a selfish hoarding of resources. Whilst one family starves, another throws excess food away. Where one family struggles to pay the bills, another buys a new boat or another car, or crates of wine, or more clothes than they need.

I am not asking anyone to give away all the clothes they own, to sacrifice all they have so that they have nothing left. I am asking for us to look at what we can share. What if we all put one can of food in the food bins for the starving? What if we all donated a dollar to the women’s refuge? What if we all supported that friend who struggled with a bill? What if we all gave a little of what we can truly afford to share? The world would be a different place.

We live complicated lives, where simple lives could be so much more rewarding. As I grow older it is peace, and serenity in my heart that nourishes me. The smile of a friend rewards me. The ability to help another, uplifts me. The pot plant that grown well, fulfils me. I am nourished and uplifted from many different directions.

This is not to say I do not feel great sadness at the pain in the world, for I do see it and feel it. I cannot save every single person, I cannot save every single animal, but I can do my best. I can help. Panther was an injured kitten with no one to take care of him, he is now my well cared for companion, and we share a deep love for each other. I have friends who call me when they need to talk, and we share a great love for each other, and are there for each other, no matter what time of day or night. I have friends who have told me if I ever need a place to run to, their door will always be open. We do that for each other, offer sanctuary, love and support. No conditions, no demands, just doing things the way they were done long ago.

Many people today feel isolated and alone, unsupported, and frightened. When we lived as villages, that was not the case. We were there for each other.

We have a lot of substance abuse, and a lot of judgment around that, but we do not look at the ‘why’ it happens.

We do not stand up for each other when we should. Many people lie and cheat and betray and steal from those around them, from those they should be showing great kindness and support to.

I look around me and I wonder how did we manage to create such a fractured society?

And so … I do what I can to bring us back to that Village, back to Community.

We have people alongside us who are going through the most horrific emotional traumas, and they hide it so well that we do not know. They hide it, and we cannot see the signs. It should be that we see the alternation in their normal behaviour and ask, gently, “Are you okay? Would you like to talk? I am here to listen.”

The time of selfishness is gone. It has to stop. It is time to open our hearts to each other.

We are one big village
Let us take care of each other