Wednesday 1 January 2019

Day one of 2020.DSC06666

Where do I see myself proceeding this year?

Well … the journey already began about Christmas time … the inner shifts began to flow, the ease of living in a higher vibrational state became easier . Who would have thought that setting a simple one week challenge, to be in the highest vibrational state that I could, would become a new and permanent way of being?

Source Energy/Universal Consciousness/God, works in wondrous ways … and … given that I am a spark of the Divine, a perfect and complete Consciousness in myself, then it was all my own doing and planning. You see, I am not at the will and mercy of a God, when I am a part of that total Consciousness.

Imagine this analogy … Source Energy as a pile of rice. You take one grain out, and that grain becomes me, and I begin my own journey, and yet I am still the rice. I am no different. My consciousness is not lesser than Source Energy, it is Source Energy. And so … I look back at my own divine timing, and I can see the mysterious and wondrous hand that Source/I work with. There is a divine plan, but I am the willing participant and creator of that plan.

You see? I did not begin to change on January 1st 2020 … I entered January 1st 2020 already changed! I walked into the year, the new decade with the energy that had already shifted and changed.

So, what will 2020 bring for me? Well … that will be unique to me, and as a result of my frequency and the way I be in this world, in this cosmos. For you 2020 will be unique to you. There is no ‘one size fits all’ year.

Cosmic principles are unavoidable.

If you were an ass at the end of 2019, chances are you will still be an ass at the beginning to 2020.

Until you can look at your life and comprehend that your thoughts create, that what you focus on you will magnetise to you … you will continue to run in circles. The truth is, that if you can shift your thoughts of what you do not want to thoughts of what you do want, you will begin to see things change. (Thank you, Abraham—via Esther Hicks– and thank you Napoleon Hill.) I have experienced and witnessed this myself over and over.

At the end of 2019, home with the dogs and the cat, I sat in bed and meditated, and was one with the Divine, one with Source … That was how I ended the year.

The separation has gone.

I have said for many months now that 2020 was a shift from duality to wholeness. And now, as I sit here writing this I can clarify the wording even more … for those who are vibrationally ready, 2020 is a shift from separation to oneness.

What do I mean ‘vibrationally ready’? Vibration is the key to accessing parts of that which is the Consciousness that we are. To simplify this: We cannot understand level 10 wisdom when we are at level 2 frequency. But when we raise our frequency to level 10 then we simply ‘know’ that which is at that vibrational level. It may be a question that comes to us and we realise we know the answer. This is why I question myself so much, to find the answers, to know they are there.

If your vibrational level is too low, then you cannot consciously make the shift into the state of being in Oneness. You can understand the concept, the idea, but you cannot experience it … Yet. Continue your journey, unique to you, until you are ready.

Slipping into the Divine, into Oneness, is as effortless as breathing, when you have reached the frequency at which you are now in vibration with the Divine. And even then, there is more. What that more is, I cannot tell you … yet.