2020 will be unique

2020 – What does it hold? It is not a generic year, not a ‘one size fits all’  year …2020 2

2020 is unique. Where you flow, depends on your frequency and your focus … and we are all unique … Like I said … it is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of year.

For me …

I stand here … at the precipice of 2020.

One foot in 2019, and the other foot about to step into 2020 ….

And I pause … I want to look back, but I dare not … for there is so much behind me, and nothing before me. Nothing but possibilities.

The only certain thing is 2 0 2 0 …
2: duality/divided
0: Whole/complete
Repeated twice. Global and personal

And so … I stand, at the precipice and I pause.

Behind me is a lifetime … and behind that stands my lineage. My soul’s journeys.

I will not look back.

Before me … there is nothing.

There is no goal. There is no plan. There is only, in this moment, the knowing that I am Source Energy itself, presenting to the world as this being known as Robyn (though I am known by other names in other realms).

My thoughts weave through time, and in the weave, life is formed … ideas take shape, and dance upon the wind. In my timelessness and my wholeness, I am everything … there is no path to follow. There is only the knowing of that which I am.

2020 … it is time to bring Home into the present, and into every subsequent moment.

The years … I let them … polish me to a diamond finish … grind off the tough edges, smooth the undulations, clear the mystery… and now … the mist is clear, and I stand upon the precipice and all I see before me is the radiance of Source Energy, telling me: I never left you, you never left me. We have been one all of this time …