The world needs our active participation

Iclosemyeyes2I do not think any of us could have imagined what 2020 would bring. Yet, here we are, in a global situation that is almost surreal, almost unbelievable.

Amidst all chaos, however, there are always gems to find, always opportunities to embrace.

However, I see many people looking to various theories, and I hear some people talk of a new world order, or of a hero who will come and fix everything.

My warning here is to not abandon your own responsibility to do the right thing in every situation, and not to abandon your responsibility for your own journey. Do not hand all the responsibility to another person, or secret society, or whatever, do not leave it to someone, or something, else and then sit back and wait for them to take care of it all.

The danger, and it is a very real danger, is that you abandon your own responsibilities, in the expectation that someone else/something else is sorting it all out as we speak. Don’t make the assumption ‘well, they are already doing it, so that is great, and it is all going to work out well, and I don’t have to do anything!’ … The reason I offer this warning, this consideration, is because we are all a part of this, and we must ALL play our part well. No one person, no single society/organisation can save a world where the population sits back and does nothing and allows their world to turn into a living hell. And when I look at the world, it sure does seem like a living hell in many places. Is this because so many people have abandoned their own personal responsibility, sat back and done nothing and left it all up to an unknown hero/group/society? Have we listened to ‘there is a new world order coming’ and thought, ‘well, I don’t know anything about it, but that sounds great, so I hope it hurries up’, and in the meantime we do nothing? That’s a dangerous position to take.

I look at things from a different perspective sometimes, and in The Art of War, the concept is to understand your enemy so that you can overcome them. If you know that telling people ‘Don’t worry, I have got this all sorted, you can just relax’ then you can get their opposition, their efforts, out of the way! On the other hand, maybe it is all legit, and real … but I am not one to make assumptions! Assumptions have got me in trouble in the past.

The responsibility is ours. In every action we take, in every word we speak, in every thought that we think, we are the one fully responsible for all of that, and for the energy it puts out, the frequency it adds into the world. If we put out horrible stuff, we add to the horrible stuff already in the world. If we put out positive, loving, compassionate, kind stuff, then we add to the good stuff in the world, we make the world a better place. We have the ability to raise or lower the vibration of the world. We have the ability to raise or lower the collective consciousness of humankind.

It is in these actions that the world changes. In our action, the world changes.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. It is up to usAll of us.

Do not be fooled into believing someone else is taking care of it all! It’s a joint operation!! And even if there is a hero or secret society, or group, don’t you think it would be great if we did our part too? Imagine how much faster things could change!

So, it’s in your hands and in my hands, to make sure every act is one of kindness and love, to nurture our mind, and body and Soul, and also those of the beings around us. To think kind thoughts. Each time a negative thought comes up, switch over to a positive thought. Don’t focus on what is wrong in your life, focus on what is good in your life, even if it is a flower in the garden. Look for those things to appreciate, and you will begin to notice your mood lifts as your vibration rises.

We have to do our own personal work, walk our own personal journey, deal with our own issues! No one can do this for us!

Enlightenment is not handed to me, it is a result of my journey, of my efforts and dedication!

There is no excuse for unkind actions, words or thoughts. No excuse. It is not our role to judge everyone around us and decide what their fate should be. The Universe is very adept at observing and measuring out its response. Karma comes to us all, positive, negative, cruel, unkind, wondrous, loving … karma does not miss anything, and if you ever think you have got away with something, I hasten to point out to you that you have not. Consequence, payback, karma will come to you.

We can choose peace. We can choose kindness. We can choose to smile. It is in our hands, and our power to do this. We can make the world a better place by taking responsibility for our own life and the place we live. We can begin to affect and improve our immediate environment, knowing that that changes the world. And when we have more and more and more people doing that … greater change at a faster rate.

Yes, there is a global pandemic. It’s real. People have died, and are continuing to die. Play your part. Don’t be selfish. All lives are important. We have a golden opportunity to change the world, and it is going to take all of us.

It is your job to be the best you can be, the kindest, most compassionate, loving, gentle, peaceful being. Cherish those around you, and cherish the land you live on. Walk with gentle care in every step. Together, we will, and are, shifting the energy. …. Then watch the world change as a result of your active participation!

I, as the highest, purest version of me that I can possibly be, makes a difference. I will not abdicate my responsibility to any other, be they person, society, organisation … I, as the purest being, with the highest vibration I can hold, day to day, impact on this world. That is my job, that is my role. I leave it to no other.

Active participation. You are required. To abdicate your responsibility, and sit back and do nothing, is, effectively, sitting down and watching while the world burns.

The best way to stop people doing anything is to tell them someone else is taking care of everything.

For the world to change …. We have to change first. The world will reflect that change in us.

It begins with us.

I take responsibility for my active participation!