When we die …

The only thing we can take with us out of this lifetime, is the evolution of our Soul.

We take the progress, the learning, the experiences.

We cannot take the money we earned, saved, stole. We cannot take the fancy house, or houses. We cannot take the fine cars, the boat, the jewellery, the fancy clothes. We cannot take our titles, job promotions, career status. We cannot take our hoards of friends and drinking buddies.

We stand, after death, as that which is truly us, as that which came to experience. We stand, Soul, devoid of the material trappings of our Earthly life.

The experiences we have had, the understandings, realisations, they are a part of us. The evolution of our Soul, through the life lived, the experiences, the highs and low, the joys and the miseries, the love and the pain, the experience of being wealthy or poor, the experience of having a fine house and lovely clothes, the experience of losing everything and becoming homeless and hopeless, these are all the experiences that are now a part of us, the understandings, how we responded, how we dealt with things, what arose in us in response to each and every circumstance, this is all a part of us now.

Yet, from the perspective of our Soul, as we review the life lived, there is no judgement of it being better to have a house than to be homeless because it is all just an experience. What is important is what we gained from that experience, what our evolution was. Hopefully we did gain an evolutionally step. Hopefully we did not dwell in our misery and blame the world—there is no growth in that.

Having ten millions dollars in the bank or ten dollars in the bank is just an experience, as far as our Soul is concerned.

Hopefully, through our experiences, examinations, realisations, we grew, spiritually, raised our vibration. The culmination of a life lived, has, hopefully, resulted in greater understanding and development of our Soul.

Worldly success, power, riches, control … we take none of these with us. We leave this world naked of it all, naked of everything but the soul that we are.

Now, please don’t feel this means you become an emotionless replica of every other Soul.

Let me explain what I mean … In this lifetime my desire is to live the highest expression of who I am, and that changes daily as I grow and evolve. And my personality is a part of me. Not the angry part, not the judgement, the resentment, or any of that because that is all ego and fear, which is not who I truly am. Don’t get me wrong, I have experienced them, rolled in them, and in the course of my growth, realised that they feel so bad because they are not me. But the love, the laughter, the joy, the passion, the happiness, this is all who I am, this is why these things feel so good, because they are the truth of me. I feel great when I am happy, or loving, or joyous, because that is a true expression of me. So, when I die, and my Soul visits my children, they will feel my love—as I feel the love of my parents when they visit me—they will feel me, the person that they know and love, the personality, the trademark energy that is their mother. And they will know it is me.

So, when you die you do not cease to be all that you are and become a replica soul just like every other soul. You are unique. You are a unique expression of Source energy. We are all unique expressions of Source Energy.

What I take with me when I die, what you take with you when you die—as we move from physical to non-physical—is the growth and understanding, via experiences, that we have achieved. Hopefully we evolved and did not go the other way! If we went the other way, and delved into ego, arrogance, cruelty, greed, selfishness, violence, anger … then we will have a lot of stuff to work out and work through until we have achieved full understanding of all of it from every angle.

What I have learnt on the journey to success in life, what I have learnt about dealing with people, what I have learnt about universal laws and the resulting effects of their implementation, these are the things I take with me when I die, these immaterial understandings and experiences.

The purpose is not to amass the wealth or possessions, or status, but to learn, along the journey, how to do that joyously, lovingly, passionately, and compassionately. To feel the joy of helping another, and create a ripple of change in their life and your own. To support and help an animal and make a difference in their life and their family, and all around them—life is not just about humans, it is about appreciation, love, support and gratitude for all life. If I achieve a 75 km bike ride with joy, then it is not the achievement of the 75 km bike ride, but rather the joy of the experience. That is something that becomes a part of me, that I take with me.  The joy of seeing my dog happy, the cat happy, and knowing that I am giving them a positive life experience filled with love and joy, and allowing–and supporting–them on their own Soul journey, so that they too achieve growth of their Soul.

Fear is not who I am. Judgement is not who I am. Anger is not who I am. That is why these things don’t feel good.

Love is who I am. Joy is who I am. Laughter is who I am. Passion is who I am. Peace, calm, serenity, is who I am. Wisdom, kindness, compassion is who I am. That is why these things feel so good. They are who I am!

When I am in alignment with who and what I am, I have a very positive experience in life, and am able to grow, to raise my vibration. In that state I have more to offer the world, more to share, I make a greater vibrational change. This is all an experience I take with me, that is a part of me both as a physical being and when I am a non-physical being.

As I said … The only thing we can take with us out of this lifetime, is the evolution of our Soul.