Life’s a journey … sometimes it’s tough … BUT …

There is chaos in the street with road works. There is chaos around the building I work in. And in all of this chaos, and noise, and shaking, and dirt … it has been so damn challenging to stay in a state of calm.

In fact … I failed completely. I reached breaking point not even knowing it was so close, and burst into tears. One thing after another was going wrong.

At the end of my working day on Saturday I came home, borrowed my daughter’s car (my car battery had decided to completely die), and bought groceries. I felt better with that chore done, at least now we had food! One small step in a positive direction.

That night I sat in bed, took some deep breathes, and just let go of everything, of all my worries, fears, stress, sadness, and I just embraced my mantra “It’s going to be fine.” It was time to ‘regroup’.

The next morning when I got up—after the 45 minute sleep in that Axel (my dog) allowed me!—I felt strong again. I had not felt that strong me for a long time. Strong and capable.

Axel and I went for a nice walk around the suburb. I was in such appreciation for the blossoms I saw and the lovely gardens.

Once home I made a coffee, sat on my patio, enjoyed said coffee, and then mowed the lawns. Made another coffee, sat and enjoyed that one too while I appreciated the beauty of my freshly mowed lawn!

Regrouping was a place for me to pause.

And then what?

Perhaps time to start a new journey.

I think I have held back, a lot lately … maybe for several years or more .. and I can only say that now when I sit here pondering it all. I have held back being all of who I am. And yet, in the process of all that time, I have been discovering more of who I am, raising my vibration and revealing/accessing more of myself. I contain all that I am, I am all that I am, and I am all, and so, there is no shred of wisdom that is not accessible to me, but it is accessible via vibrational alignment with that wisdom. As I raise my vibration I access more, and more and more.

These years in which I have ‘held back’ have been years in which I have tried and tested a lot of things, and read many things, meditated, contemplated, written, worked … all the while gathering the understandings I needed.

Nothing has been held back from me. I have had access to it all, all along. We are, however, a world focussed on material stuff, and over the course of time the desire for toys and possessions and money has grown and grown, and our understanding of life has diminished and diminished. Now, however, I witness a rising movement, a global effort, by more and more people to understand how life works, and how to be happy, and how to have a peaceful life, and how to love.

The truth is, hard as it may be to hear, that we had all had full and free choice of what we chose to embrace all along. If we chose to believe society was trying to deceive us, then we created that world. The world is not done to us. This world is a result of us. Tough truth, huh? Many people give up because they don’t want to believe that, they don’t want the burden of that responsibility. And so they blame everything on other people, or groups, and in so doing they believe in that and they add their vibrational offering to that to create it and perpetuate it.

We are very powerful creators!

Everything you believe, you hold in your thoughts and your vibrational offering, and you contribute that to the world … you create the world with that.

In truth (and it is repeated many places and has been a very long time) what you focus on, you create.

Now, this is part of my ‘tried and tested’ way of living, because I don’t like platitudes. If it works I will prove it to myself first before I ever suggest it to you. And if you tell me what you believe is the truth, then you better be living that truth, because I will know by looking at your life if you are full of crap or not! And worse still, for you, I will sense it in the energy of your words.

Don’t be fooled into falling for someone else’s truth. Prove it to yourself!

I may share tools, concepts and ideas, but I want you to go and trial them to see if they work. Try them, with commitment for a month, and then see how you feel. Don’t dismiss what I suggest or share when you have not even tried.

One month, with dedication and no excuses, can change our life completely. It reveals to us the truth of how life works. It reveals to us that we are the ones steering the ship of our own life.

No one can make your life work for you. Only you can. But you need the tools.

As more and more people commit to their spiritual journey, they raise their vibration, and as that number grows larger and vibrates higher, there is a direct impact on the vibration of the rest of the world. If is as if the world was a big dark room, and a person in the middle had a little candle, and then the flame grew larger and shone brighter, and then more candles in the room began to shine, and shine brighter and brighter, and then the whole room became flooded with a soft light, and the rest of the people in the room grew curious about this light, and curious about these people who were so calm, so peaceful, so wise, and whose lives were working with ease and pleasure. And they sought to understand so that they could make their own lives work better. They heard truths and stories and while they wanted to disbelieve them, they saw the proof with their own eyes, they were witnessing the truth in action. And so they decided to try it for themselves and … lo and behold, their lives began to change. THIS is the state of the world. People are inspired to search for understanding because their vibration has been affected by the vibration of the world, they are being lifted up. They are being inspired!

There is darkness that cannot exist in the face of Light. It simply cannot. Do not be fooled by people that tell you there must be dark and light within you, that there must be a balance of dark and light. That’s a deceit. You will walk the path until you are pure Light, no matter how many millennia that takes. Darkness cannot exist in pure light, it is not possible. Only those with darkness in them who are not prepared to look at that darkness and cleanse it from them, will tell you such things. We are destined to become pure light … pure expressions of Source Energy.

From my level of vibration, from that which I can access from this level (which I am constantly working on raising) I can tell you this truth. Whether you believe me is none of my business.

In this last week, which I described as challenging, it has been filled with understanding, and the opportunity to prove to myself over and over and over, how life works, and how life responds to me. Things going wrong, breaking down, this is all a part of life. My car battery is nine years old. Many only last for five years. How can I complain? Things that broke down, broke down because they were worn out. Dirt rained down at the shop because of roof work combined with high winds. It is what it is. And it’s nothing that a couple of hours solid cleaning can’t fix, followed by a nice cup of tea! In each and every situation, there was the opportunity for me to make many choices.

And, with the car battery dying, I was put in the position of a quiet, restful weekend at home, which was exactly what I needed. I did, however, bike round to visit a friend, and have what I now understand was a ‘decompression’ time with a friend whose counsel I value.

What I focus on, I contribute to creating. But here I sit, looking at the lovely shrubs, a beautiful lawn, flowers, my dog asleep in the sun, the cat asleep on the couch .. the day is warm and still … I feel strong and rested … the washing is all on the line … I feel so very blessed.  And all that I survey is what I have created.

When we focus on resentment, we attract more to resent. When we focus on lack of money, we attract more lack of money. When we focus on bills to pay, we attract more bills to pay. When we focus on things breaking down, things break down. When we focus on blaming the world for everything, and do not look at our vibrational offering and our own issues, then we will continue to attract more of the same. … When we focus on joy, we attract more to be joyful about. When we focus on laughter we attract more to laugh about. When we appreciate things, we see more to appreciate. It is universal law.

And so … I focus on alignment, and on peace, and on love, and on appreciation, and gratitude.

I am not saying it is all easy … I am saying it is worth it!!!!

I may have roamed from topic to topic here … but sometimes that is how the journey works!!! 🙂