The Sacredness is Rising

As I biked across the Port Hills, from Sumner to Cashmere, I looked at the rock that pushes through the dirt and grass, and I knew ‘The Sacredness is Rising’. I knew that today, for some reason, these rocks were more sacred. All of it was more sacred.

Between one day and the next?


Now, you may tell me ‘don’t talk rubbish, it has always been sacred, and no lesser today that yesterday or tomorrow’ … but  … on this day, I tell you, there was a clear shift.

The sacred Port Hills chose to raise its own vibration, not because of anything we did, or any galactic waves of energy … it raised its sacred energy because it chose to. Because it was time, as far as the Hills were concerned.

What of other sacred sites in the world? I don’t claim to know. I do know that there are many many many sacred places across the face of the Earth. Many we know of, many we probably do not know of. But you know a sacred place when you enter it, when you feel the energy shift. If you are sensitive enough, you know.

My personal decision, after this morning’s experience, is to live a more sacred life. To raise the sacredness in my own life.

A day after this experience, a day after the bike ride in which I knew that that day I would receive a gift … I am still not clear on the gift as so many beautiful things happened …

I am aware of the sacredness of life in a new way, at a different level. I have seen so many signs of affirmations that I am on the right path.

And yet … the awareness that a new journey has begun.

For a lifetime I have sought answers, and searched and read, and studied, and it all led me back to myself … but along the way I gathered the little reminders of myself, and the memories awoke, one by one … until, I stood before this unseen new path.

What is the path? What does it require of me? It requires of me only that which I have sought: Faith. Total trust in myself, knowing who and what I am.  

My journey is one of faith … My boat has left the shore, and the oars are my relationship with Source, and my Faith. Beside me, in the boat, sits my spirit cat, and before me sits my dog companion and protector. I have travelled with them before, in other lifetimes, and so, we have come together again … to complete something … something we began a very very long time ago. We complete this by bringing in a new song, which we will leave with humanity, and they will either hear it or they won’t. And then, after this journey is completed … we will leave … and travel afar together, again.

So, The Sacredness is Rising … in the Port Hills, and in my own life.

It is a choice to walk a sacred life.

It is a choice to walk with faith.

It is all my choice.

If we want to raise our vibration, then there are many different routes we might take, but the one thing that is always the same is this: you have to do the work. No one can raise your vibration for you. No one can do the work for you. You must do the walk, face your issues, face your challenges, face your reactions. It is all yours. And there is no galactic wave of energy that is going to magically transform the Earth and all upon her, no wave of energy that will magically raise your vibration for you. You must do the work yourself.

And I must do my own work myself. I do, and have done for a long time.

My journey changes and evolves and I change and evolve, and I know that the journey is always worth it, no matter what stuff comes up to be dealt with. It is always worth it.

If you want to call the world a ‘shit hole’ or if you want to say your life is ‘fucked up’, if you want to play the ‘poor me’ then fine, go ahead, but don’t be surprised when the same old same old keeps repeating itself. If you want a better life, think better thoughts, and be a better person. Change your thoughts and you will change your life. I share this because I know it to be true. But, as I said, we have to do our own work. I can share that truth because I have walked that journey and know it to be true.

A sacred life … is a choice.

Being bitter and negative … is a choice.

One will aid me, one will drag my vibration into the mud.

The sacredness is rising … and I embrace it.

The gift that awaited me yesterday, was the beginning of a new journey ….

The Sacredness is Rising … in the Port Hills, and other places, and in me too. I travel with Faith. My boat has left the shore …