Focus on YOUR journey

What is important, however, is how we deal with each and every one of the situations that arises. We can compare how we deal with it to how we dealt with it 6 months ago—heck, possibly even three months ago—and see either progress, or stagnancy. Hopefully you are seeing progress!

This, so far, has been an interesting year. Many challenges for many people. Some out of the blue, some relentlessly coming without pause.

In all things, we have our own inner barometer, or ‘bull shit detector’, that tells us if something is right or if it’s a bit off (or way off!). As we learn to follow that, we begin to see the intricacy with which all things unfurl when we are ‘in the flow’ so to speak.

Now, the key thing to keep in mind is, as we grow, evolve, raise our vibration, we access a higher and higher truth, or rather a more expanded truth. So we must allow ourselves to accept that our truth today may be different in a year, a month, a week, or even a day. Allow that to really sink in, but remember to always trust that bullshit detector. Don’t believe someone just because they tell you they are right and you are wrong, or imply they are more evolved than you. Don’t even believe me unless it resonates with you—which is your bullshit detector saying ‘yes, that is a truth’.

And while I may share with you the things that I understand, and know … I also want you to walk your own uniquely individual journey. I am not here to lead you, you have your own journey to walk, I am here to inspire you, to make you wonder, to encourage you to expand!

Never try to save another though. Never think that you know what is right for another person, because they have their own journey to walk. You must walk your own. Let them walk theirs. Be an inspiration to them, but never believe you can tell them what they must do. You do not know.

Focus on your own journey. Focus on the life around you. Focus on the here and now, on this moment. On every moment. Don’t be off running round in your mind thinking about tomorrow, next week, scenarios that might play out … be here now in this moment. 

This moment in time, is creating the path of moments ahead of you. Build on that. Build towards that. Every moment.

What you focus on … you create …. So be aware of your thoughts. 

Take responsibility for all of your own responses to life, to people, to situations.

This moment … how are you feeling in this moment …