We’re in this together

Here’s the thing …

Every time you hear that ‘energies are coming from space to help’ what is your response?

If it is “Great, then it’s all going to be fixed, everything is going to be taken care of” along with the feeling that “I don’t have to do anything”, then we have a big problem. A very very big problem.


Because if YOU do nothing … then nothing changes.

Can we rely on ‘they are coming to save us’?  And who is ‘they’ anyway?

So here is a new take on things:

WE created this mess. And WE are responsible for clearing it up. WE are responsible for fixing this world, for restoring balance.

Whoever ‘they’ are … they are permitted to watch, to observe us, but they are not permitted to interfere. Why not? Because it is not their responsibility to fix this world. It is ours.

They are watching to see how we do it. To see IF we can do it. And I am telling you right now, we can, and we will.

We set a karma train in motion … OUR karma, be if this lifetime or previous … be it personal karma or national karma  or global karma … but … no one else can live our karma for us. Our karma is OUR karma. Our global karma is OUR global karma.

So … don’t sit back and expect someone else to clean up the mess we made. 

And when people say they are channelling. Are you going to assume that every being out there is a good and enlightened being? Some are not. Some are deceitful. Some pretend to be one thing but are actually something else. (There is as greater assortment of vibrational beings out there as there are on Earth.)

We must not abdicate our own responsibility. 

There was a time when the world was in balance, when nature was in balance, a perfect balance. And then humankind, in their arrogance, decided they wanted to have things for themselves, be it a piece of land, slaves to work for them, whether they wanted to take land from another, to take resources from another,  to conquer other peoples, to starve their opposition out, to slaughter them. Whether it was that they wanted to take land and clear it and build on it or farm on it, whether they wanted to slash a forest or a jungle so that they could plant a specific crop or breed specific animals to sell for profit. Greed.

We moved from being self-sustaining and living in balance, to being dependent on others to provide most things.

Once we had vegetable gardens, fruit trees, a cow or two, chickens, a sheep or two for their wool. But now, we live on small properties on land that was cleared, and we buy everything from the supermarket. We don’t grow food, we don’t have our own eggs, we don’t have our own milk. 

Governments try and stop us from growing food (but there will always be an underground movement, a rebellion that will ensure these foods and plants are never lost).

I digress … but, just to point out how far we have come from the way humankind used to live many generations ago. 

In altering the way we live, in accepting greed as a natural way of living (in accepting greed a perfectly normal, in fact) we set in motion the destabilisation of the natural balance and order of the world.

And now …. Now it is time to work towards getting the world back into balance.

How? You ask. We cannot remove cities and replace the jungles and forest, we cannot revert the land back. And that is correct. We can’t.

But … we can find a new way forward. We can plant in areas that are not suitable for housing. We can plant in every subdivision. We can plant trees to hold hills together—in fact the requirement for trees on hillside properties should be compulsory—but trees with deep roots not shallow roots. We need to study the root systems of trees and work out how to utilise that knowledge to hold the land together. We need to respect the role that trees play.

We need to stop sprawling our cities with no plan, and consider green areas between one suburb and another. We need a deeper and more considered approach to green areas.

The lack of trees, forests, jungles has had a direct part on global warming—and we are responsible for that, not pollution us, the fools who did not think that trees have a vital part to the life of our world. They do! They are not a resource, they are an essential part of the balance of this world.

We need to look at our waste. For example, already there are companies making laundry strips packaged in a cardboard box, as opposed to liquid in a big plastic bottle. This is genius and I use those products and support them wholeheartedly! We need to look at how plastic bottles and glass bottles (i.e. from drink syrups, wine, beer etc) can be recycled, cleaned and reused, reprocessed. Already I have milk delivered that is delivered in glass bottles and the empties are taken the next week when fresh milk is delivered. This was something that happened only 50 years ago, milk delivered in glass bottles. Let’s get back to that and away from this plastic bottle wastage. It is a simple reversion to a cleaner way of living.

I don’t have a solution to  everything. BUT, I do KNOW that there is a solution to everything. But we need to all hold that view and help work towards it.

We can fix this mess. But we must each play our part. No one can abdicate their responsibility. No one is permitted to sit by and do nothing. If you do, you write your own karma.

So, from this day forward, let’s be constantly focussed on the fact that there ARE solutions!!

Let’s play our part. Let’s not get caught up in the fear that is so present in the media and in world events let’s hold a state of peace, grace, love, and focus on solutions. 

In the face of love, fear cannot exist.

And it is fear that feeds that which you are fearful of.

So let me repeat the above …

In the face of love

Fear cannot exist.

Love has always been the way.

There are no excuses. No matter what you say, no matter what you have been through, there are no excuses.