Universal Consciousness IS Love

Did you ever wonder if the God of the bible is simply man’s attempt to fathom God? And that God is actually unfathomable?

How often do we, as humans, try to define something so that we can understand it and teach that understanding to others. But the problem is … we are such limited beings that we cannot grasp the actual power, the love, the wisdom of Universal Consciousness. We try and we fail unceasingly.

We cannot define eternal Universal Consciousness with a finite mind emmeshed in a material world.

We cannot comprehend something that is way beyond our comprehension.

Religious texts, which I am often told, are inspired by God … are actually inspired by man’s desire to understand God.

Here’s the problem. We have conflicting definitions. God the merciful, and God the vengeful. God who loves and God who hates. That makes no sense.

So … step outside of all of that. Let us use the term Universal Consciousness.

Universal Consciousness is the Consciousness from which all comes. It is all things, all things are made of Universal Consciousness. It is all that is.

What is Universal Consciousness. It is, in the simplest of definitions: pure love. And within that LOVE is everything.

Universal Consciousness is All Loving and All Knowing.

Is there judgement? No.

Is there hatred? No.

Is there vengeance? No.

Are their favourites? No.

Is there right and wrong, good and bad? No.

All just IS.

It is the human mind which created good and bad right and wrong, based upon laws they created.

The Ten Commandments were ten suggestions that give us some insight into how to live a good life, a kind life, a loving life. Look at the gist of it: forgive, do not be tempted to do what you know is not right. “Thy kingdom come, They will be done” … well … the kingdom is LOVE, the will is LOVE. Forgive. Love. It is very simple.

If we let go of all the dogma, and all the  control that the church (an establishment created by man), and just love and forgive any wrongs which we perceive have been don’t to us. Forgiveness frees US. Love frees all of life.

If you want to know Universal Consciousness, then choose LOVE as your Way. But it must be unconditional.

Imagine saying that two thousand years ago. Oh hang on, someone did. People still, to this day, do not embrace that guidance, even whilst claiming to be his followers.

Over the course of human existence, that guidance of love has been shared over and over and over … we, as a species, are slow to learn. In fact we are stubborn and selfish, and violent. We are greedy, manipulative, wasteful. We do not care for ourselves, let alone other people, and we do not care for our own properties let alone the world.

Yes, that is an unfair generalisation. I admit that.

I, as one individual, do care for my property. I nurture it, I appreciate it. I take care of it and it takes care of me. I invite you to do the same, regardless of whether you own or rent.

We have tried to understand Universal Consciousness/Source Energy/God … as human beings, with our human minds … but the understanding we seek is beyond our ability to understand. So let us accept one simple truth … the one and only truth that we CAN comprehend:

Universal Consciousness/Source Energy/God

Is pure and unconditional LOVE

Within that LOVE is EVERYTHING

Let this sink in.