STOP! And appreciate…

How often do we feel at the mercy of life itself?

How often do we feel powerless to create the life we really want?

How often do we feel we have no value in this world?

Stop right there.

Look around you. At everything. Everything that you see, including yourself, your clothes, your shoes, it is all energy. Everything that you see before you is energy.

Is one energy better than another, more worthy of love than another, more successful that another? No. It is Energy. And what’s more … it’s all the same energy. Everything is Universal Consciousness/Source Energy/God Consciousness, use whatever term you feel most comfortable with.

Think about that. All is made of Energy, of Universal Consciousness. Universal Consciousness is energy. The Energy that makes all is Universal Consciousness. So nothing can ever be greater or better than anything else.

Now … there are people who have a greater understanding, because they have a higher frequency. Did they just get given that higher frequency while you were given a lower frequency? No, they studied life, studied themselves, read, contemplate, and had a desire to understand and to find love, peace, happiness. They walked the path to get to where they are. The raised their vibration into a higher state of consciousness. And that is something all people can do. One day, I hope, all people will walk their own path to raising their vibration.

What happens if you don’t? Nothing. You will just stay where you are, with the understandings and beliefs that you have. You life will stay the same, and perhaps the same cycles will happen over and over and over. Perhaps you will blame the world for all your woes, not realising that your focus on the misery in your life is what is drawing more misery to you.

This is often a point I raise over and over again. Your thoughts, what you are focussing on, is what you are drawing to yourself. If you are going out with someone who is unkind to you, abusive, and you think ‘gosh, why do I always seem to attract this kind of person?’ it could very well be because you state to the universe “I always seem to attract the wrong guy/girl” and the universe will respond with “yes you do, and here’s another one” because the universe is responding to what you are thinking of, what you are focussing on. The universe does not see good or bad it only responds to your vibrational offering , your focus. If you keep thinking negative you will draw negative.

On the opposite side, you may know someone who is always happy, always positive, and who seems to always have people gravitating towards her (or him). You may think to yourself “She’s just an airhead. She doesn’t take life seriously. It’s all a big joke to her”. But the truth is, she is in a state of joy because that is what she focusses on, and, like a candle in the night, she draws people to her. They seek the warmth of her joy.  She knows there is difficulty in the world, but she knows she cannot fix that which is outside of her unless she is at peace and joy inside. She knows that if she can rise her vibration then she can assist in raising the vibration of the entire Consciousness of humankind. You don’t realise that because you are looking from the outside and judging her. Your ego is trying to find ways to belittle her and tear her down.

She understand things that you do not.

You, in your judgment, anger, resentment are at a lower vibration. If I asked you to consider her happiness, her joy, and then ask, “Wouldn’t you like to feel that joyous?” I suspect your answer would be “yes”. Most likely it would be “Yes, but…” followed by a loist of excuses as to why you cannot be joyous.

Stop. Again. Stop.

Don’t justify your unhappiness. Don’t justify your lack of joy in your life. Don’t justify the lack of peace in your life. Don’t justify your depression.

Instead … Look around you, right now, and find three things to appreciate.