Changes can be frightening

Change is not always easy… It can feel as if we are being demolished on the inside, ready for renovation.

Sometimes in the midst of making a change that we know is right, fear can well up inside us so powerfully that we can barely breathe. Our heart aches, our sternum aches, our guts aches … and all we want to do is stay where we are, where it is not working, but it is ‘known’.

And yet … we also know we cannot. We know it is not right. We have to make the shift in life, because we know it is pulling at us, pushing at us, screaming at us … and yet we are so frightened of it all. We want to hide, to go back, to hide under the bedcovers.

And yet…we cannot. We know it is not right. And so we venture forth… and we take one breath after another, and we take one step after another, aching hurting, churning inside, and no one around us knows the turmoil that tears us up inside.

But … there are these pauses in the turmoil, when what rises within us is the knowing that everything is going to be okay. We cling to these moments, and they turn into minutes

Then a worry arises, a single thought, and we sink back into fear.

Hours may pass, then that pause happens again, as our Soul, our higher self strives to be more present, and we feel hope, and the knowing that everything is going to be okay.

The waning back and forth is just what is. There is no right or wrong, it just is. And it’s okay to allow ourselves to feel the fear, the terror, to want to cling to the known, the safe, the predictable, even if it does not make us happy … but we also know we can’t. There is no going back, because our soul will not let us. We want to…but there is the part within us that scream ‘No! You cannot go back!’

Big changes in life are not easy, they are not so simple as ‘just do it’. When it is a big change, and many emotions and fears arise, we are allowed to sit with them, feel them, recognise them, and acknowledge them.

Keep your support team in place, family, friends, guides, angels, and allow yourself one breath at a time, one step at a time, knowing they will be there if you need them, and that in the meantime they are quietly supporting you.

Many many people are going through challenging times, and big changes in their lives. I see it all around me, and I feel their pain and their turmoil. To get from one shore to another, we have to wade through the water, maybe even swim, but what is on the other side is what we have asked for striven for, yearned for … and yet we are terrified of the journey between here and there.

Let me say: It’s going to be okay. If it was not, your soul would never have guided you to this journey in the first place.

Be open. Let your heart fill with love. Have faith in your Soul, in your guides and Angels, in the Universe, and in God/I AM.

There is a reason for all things. Allow yourself to feel your journey through your heart. Say to your fear ‘I feel you, I acknowledge you as a part of my journey, and I love you for showing yourself to me.’

The unknown often frightens us … but it is only unknown until it is known.

One breath after another.

One step after another.

Everything is going to be okay.